Dyre Fest spoilers from Big Brother 24’s backyard

Terrance On BB24 HOH
Terrance Higgins became one of the HOHS in Big Brother 24 Week 7. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from Dyre Fest have presented the live feeds with a lot of excitement.

Following the eviction of Indy Santos, the house got split into two groups, with Terrance Higgins taking over Dyre Fest.

Terrance won Head of Household at the perfect time for his own game, as he might have become a target for eviction if he didn’t secure his own safety.

With the house split, the two HOHs (Terrance and Michael Bruner) took turns picking players to be in their groups. Terrance selected Joseph Abdin, Matt Turner, Kyle Capener, and Alyssa Snider.

This group is taking part in Dyre Fest, which revolves around them all living in the backyard for a week. It’s not exactly a comfortable setting, but at least they are fed and they get paid a stipend for just being in the game.

Almost immediately, Kyle outed The Leftovers to Alyssa and Terrance, and those videos from the Big Brother live feeds can be seen here.

Big Brother 24 spoilers from Dyre Fest

At the backyard Nomination Ceremony, Terrance nominated Joseph Abdin and Matt Turner for eviction. This was a bit surprising, but it seems to have evolved from the information that Kyle had told Terrance earlier in the day.

Terrance did have several chats with Turner about moving forward with him, and that included Terrance revealing that Joseph was his target for the week.

At the Dyre Fest Veto Completion, Terrance won the Power of Veto. This kept the power entirely in his hands, but he had no plans to use the POV now that he has had good chats with Kyle and Alyssa.

Big Brother live feeds: Who is going home from Dyre Fest?

At the Eviction Ceremony, only Kyle and Alyssa get to vote on whether to send Joseph or Turner to the BB24 jury house. The plan is/was to evict Joseph, and Kyle is already trying to convince Alyssa and Terrance to tell the other group that Joseph outed The Leftovers alliance.

There is a wrinkle, here, though, because the feeds in the backyard have been down. This means it is possible that Terrance shook things up and used his Power of Veto. There was an unconfirmed rumor he shifted to Kyle as his target, but that has not been confirmed. If Kyle did/does get put on the block, he will be the one evicted.

Stay tuned, because things could get interesting.

Back in the real world, Daniel Durston and Paloma Aguilar are hanging out together after leaving the Big Brother house. The duo was very close while playing the game, and it looks like their friendship might continue outside of the house as well.

Recent evictee Indy Santos has done several exit interviews that can be watched here. In them, she speaks about interacting with Taylor Hale, as well as who she seems to be holding a grudge against.

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