Duggar family feud: Jinger on the outs with Jill and cousin Amy

Jinger, Jill, and Amy Duggar in confessionals.
Jinger Duggar reportedly has issues with Jill and Amy. Pic credit: TLC

It seems the Duggar family feud is bigger than some Counting On fans thought.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar confirmed their rift with Jill Duggar last fall, but since then, things have remained quiet in the public.

Now, it seems that Jinger Duggar is jumping on the bandwagon and is team Jim Bob and Michelle. While that isn’t terribly shocking, it is a little disappointing because Jinger is one of the less conservative siblings.

Jinger thinks Amy is ‘immature’ and ‘disappointed’ by Jill

According to a source to spoke with The Sun, Jinger Duggar isn’t impressed with her sister or their cousin, Amy Duggar King.

Things have been brewing between Jill Duggar and her parents for quite some time. Since their Counting On exit, there had been speculation about a rift, but it was only recently confirmed by both parties.

It appears that Jinger has some feelings about what Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard have done. The source said, “Jinger is also really disappointed by Jill and the tell-all, but she’s not surprised she’s taken her husband’s side.”

The tell-all is reportedly a book that Derick is writing about everything that has happened. Of course, there hasn’t been a confirmation of the book, it is expected to be released at some point. The rumblings began last year, and given the comments made by Jill and Derick, something is in the works.

As for Amy Duggar King, it appears as though Jinger Duggar isn’t interested in anything to do with her cousin. The source said, “Jinger thinks Amy is immature and should focus on her own life.” Also noting, “Jinger and Jeremy have no time for negativity and wish Amy wouldn’t publicly call her out to cause drama, it’s unnecessary.”

Jill Duggar and Amy Duggar King are still close

Throughout Jill Duggar’s break from the family, Amy Duggar King has been there for her cousin.

The two women hang out quite often and most recently spent the day thrift shopping.

She and Derick Dillard have spent plenty of time with Amy and her husband, Dillon King. They have done date nights and shared photos.

Growing up, Amy was close to all of the older girl cousins, even appearing on 19 Kids and Counting quite frequently. Unfortunately, those relationships appear to have dwindled since the fallout from the 2015 scandal with Josh Duggar.

Jinger is apparently making her stance known, and with it, she is siding with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

When Jill Duggar revealed that some of her siblings don’t agree with her, Jinger wasn’t the name that initially came to mind.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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