Dorinda Medley is team Monica as she blasts Heather Gay for ‘lying’ to everyone

RHONY alum Dorinda Medley and RHOSLC star Monica Garcia screenshot
Dorinda Medley defends Monica Garcia. Pic credit: Bravo

Monica Garcia’s name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, including the Real Housewives of New York alum Dorinda Medley.

The 59-year-old has been watching the explosive season much like the rest of us, and she recently made it clear that she’s team Monica.

After learning of her betrayal, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast has iced the intruder out of their clique.

It’s hard to imagine how she could return for another season (given her fractured relationship with the women), but Dorinda thinks the brunette beauty deserves to return.

She also called out the hypocrisy within the group, specifically Heather Gay, who lied to everyone for an entire year.

Heather confessed to getting the black eye from the now-imprisoned Jen Shah after lying about it last season.

Viewers, and even Heather’s co-stars, were too focused on the shocking revelations about Monica to hold Heather’s feet to the fire about her lies.

However, Dorinda is not letting her off the hook that easily.

RHONY alum Dorinda Medley says Monica Garcia is ‘great reality TV’

Dorinda is tuned into RHOSLC just like the rest of us, and right now, viewers are divided about whether they want Monica Garcia back for another season.

However, Dorinda is not on the fence about that because she’s team Monica — all the way — and thinks the mom of four is “great reality TV.”

The RHONY alum recently shared her views on the Season 4 drama during her show, Make It Nice, on Radio Andy.

“Second reunion; enjoyed Monica. They better not take her off,” said Dorinda. “This whole thing, like ‘one’s gotta go, one’s gotta stay.’ No, no If someone doesn’t like it, they can leave.”

“There should be no cast member that set ultimatums for other cast members,” she added.

Dorinda Medley blasts RHOSLC star Heather Gay for lying about her black eye

The always outspoken Dorinda also called out Heather Gay, who has yet to explain her reasons for lying about her black eye.

That will be explained during part three of the reunion to close out the season, but Dorinda had some words for Heather – since she’s leading the charge against Monica.

“I Like Heather, but why is it okay that she is doing this, and Heather lied all year long last year, about the black eye,” questioned Dorinda. “Lied to production, lied to the audience, lied at the reunion.”

Do you agree with Dorinda Medley that Monica Garcia deserves a second season? Sound off in the comments.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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1 month ago

Monica added energy to the show this season and she needs to come back, she is not the only one that did not tell the truth this was my favorite season so far

1 month ago

Keep Monica. Something shady is going on with heather. Monica will bring the heat she might do things other people don’t like but she stands to the truth

Ana Morais
Ana Morais
1 month ago

She need to be back
She is the only reason why I’m still watching she call them on their crap
Rich woman with nothing to do till a new woman with. No money tell them the true about have kids actual a
Have to work for the money .
Rock on Monica love you girl
Give them hell and call the out .