Heather Gay’s black eye drama isn’t over as RHOSLC star teases more to come at the reunion

Heather Gay selfie
RHOSLC’s Heather Gay was “shocked” by the black eye drama. Pic credit: @heathergay/Instagram

Like a stubborn bruise, the drama surrounding The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay’s mysterious black eye refuses to fade away.

The black eye first appeared during a Season 3 RHOSLC cast trip to San Diego when Heather took off her sunglasses to reveal that her left eye was swollen shut.

At first, Heather wouldn’t say how she got the injury, leaving fans to draw their own conclusions about what might have gone down. Many suspected a drunken fight with a co-star – possibly Jen Shah.  

But on the first installment of what will be a three-part Season 3 reunion, Heather claimed that the black eye was a mystery to her also.

“I blacked out,” the Bravo star, 40, told host Andy Cohen. “I don’t know what happened.”

But it seems there might be more to the story.

When you “wake up on a cast trip surrounded by cameras with a black eye,” the Bad Mormon author told Life & Style this week, “there are gonna be a lot of questions.”

But the Bravo star said that she was still bound to silence, telling the outlet: “I can’t really speak much about it until the reunion and everything plays out.”

Part 3 of RHOSLC’s Season 3 reunion airs tonight on Bravo.

RHOSLC’s Heather Gay was ‘shocked’ by black eye drama

While promoting her memoir Bad Mormon, which was released this week, Heather opened up about the black eye drama, saying she was surprised by how the incident played out on TV – and by Bravo fans’ reactions.

“I didn’t know what would… even be edited because there was so much going on behind the scenes,” Heather told the outlet.

The first-time author said that she was “shocked” by how obsessed fans became with the story, adding that “the one thing you don’t wanna talk about, everybody’s gonna talk about it.”

It seems there may be more to the black eye story than Heather has so far let on – and if anyone can draw out the real truth of what happened, it’s probably Andy Cohen.

Heather Gay opens up in her new memoir Bad Morman

Heather is currently on a publicity blitz to promote her new memoir Bad Mormon, which recounts the story of her Mormon upbringing, her struggles with faith, and her ultimate decision to leave the church behind.

Talking with the outlet, Heather explained that she wrote the book in honor of her three daughters, Ashley, 19, Georgia, 17, and Annabelle, 15.

“This book is for them,” the Bravo star said. “It is to break them free of the expectations I was raised under.”

As for her mysterious black eye, Heather said she was trying to stay positive and not let the rumors get to her.

“I try to stay offline,” the reality star said. “It’s just better to ignore it.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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