Dolores Catania’s boyfriend gives plastic surgery ultimatum in RHONJ preview

RHONJ couple Dolores Catania and Paulie Connell screenshot
Dolores Catania gets an ultimatum from Paulie Connell. Pic credit: Bravo

Dolores Catania has always been vocal about her propensity for cosmetic surgeries, but she might have to choose between that and her relationship.

A preview for the new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey shows a conversation between Dolores and her boyfriend, Paulie Connell.

Fans are blasting the Irishman for trying to control his girlfriend after he tells her that if she goes under the knife again, it will spell the end of their romance.

This is not the first time Paulie’s behavior has sparked outrage among viewers.

During Episode 7, in a conversation about his divorce, fans pointed out major red flags with how he spoke to Dolores.

Another red flag? A divorce that has been going on for ten years with no signs of being finalized, much to Dolores’s dismay.

With his divorce saga going on, does Paulie have a right to give Dolores an ultimatum about anything? RHONJ fans say absolutely not!

Paulie Connell gives his RHONJ girlfriend Dolores Catania an ultimatum

Episode 8 titled Trouble in Tulum will feature the dramatic altercation between Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral.

However, we’ll see Dolores having some trouble of her own, with her boyfriend Paulie.

A sneak peek shows a conversation between the couple during a gym workout, but when Dolores mentions cosmetic surgery things take a turn.

“I’m trying to avoid surgery, I still have that loose skin,” Dolores tells their trainer.

“You’re not f***ing doing surgery, so forget about it,” Paulie chimes in. “Surgery is a disconnect for me and you, remember that…you take the surgery I take the f***ing road.”

RHONJ fans blast Paulie for his controlling ways

RHONJ fans were already convinced that Paulie wasn’t the right man for Dolores after finding out he was still married and dragging out his divorce.

However, after the clip was posted online, they bashed Paulie for his controlling behavior and urged Dolores to leave him.

“She can do so much better. There is nothing positive about this guy. Short, squat, bossy and MARRIED! Run fast Dolores!!!” wrote a commenter.

“This is the second episode that showed a red flag in his behavior 🤷🏻‍♀️,” wrote someone else.

An Instagram user exclaimed, “umm i knew he was controlling from a mile away👀 damn my gut feelings are right.”

RHONJ fans bash Paulie Connell on Instagram
RHONJ fans weigh in. Pic credit: @rhonjobsessed/Instagram

Someone posted, “He keeps saying on camera ultimatums that Delores must follow or he’s out and she just nods along.No wonder every guy she’s with walks all over her.”

“He is overbearing and controlling,” added someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach
1 day ago

Run from this guy, Dolores. You’re so much better than this. If this is the way Paulie talks to you on national television, I bet he’s even more abusive in private. Your kids and ex-husband can’t be happy about this.

Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
1 day ago

Dolores is a beautiful woman who doesn’t need plastic surgery. That being said, I think she would be lucky if Paulie hit the road. He’s not good enough for her, and his pugnacious, nasty personality is becoming more evident each week. She deserves a nice man who places her on a pedestal.

Donna Hughes
Donna Hughes
1 day ago

Stand you ground Deloris! He sure as hell should be divorced by now! Or leave him!