Did Mindy slide into Steve Moy’s DMs? Here’s how the couple met

Mindy Shiben and Steve Moy Instagram selfie
Mindy Shiben and Steve Moy are still together. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Mindy Shiben and Steven Moy had Married at First Sight fans in a tizzy when they first went public with their relationship, but how did the couple even meet?

You might be surprised to learn that Mindy was the one who made the first move when she slid into Steve’s DMs.

Mindy and Steve dished about their romance during an episode on Steve’s new podcast.

The couple, who’ve been dating for over a year, found each other after Steve’s Season 14 marriage to Noi Phomassak ended.

Mindy was also a cast member on the popular Lifetime series in Season 10 where she was matched with Zach Justice but their marriage ended long before the season wrapped.

Many MAFS fans felt Mindy was owed a do-over but little did we know she would get that – and not in the way anyone had imagined.

Mindy and Steve kept their romance away from prying eyes when they first started dating but in early 2023, they went Instagram official, and now they’re giving us all the inside scoop on their relationship.

Did Mindy Shiben slide in Steve Moy’s DMs?

Steve Moy has been quite busy since the start of the year. The Season 14 star published his first book in April and now he’s hosting a podcast, The Steve Moy Show.

Episode two featured his girlfriend Mindy as the couple opened up about their relationship starting with how they met.

Mindy said she had watched Steve’s MAFS season and followed him and the entire cast on Instagram, but it was on LinkedIn where their relationship started.

“I don’t even remember why I chose to message you,” she said laughingly.

“I don’t remember exactly what went through my head,” confessed Mindy. “I knew you were single, I knew I thought you were attractive.”

“I just sent you a request, sent you a message…and then didn’t hear back from him,” she added.

Mindy said she moved to California and started a new job and it wasn’t until a month later she finally heard back from Steve, and the rest as they say is history.

The MAFS couple’s long-distance romance is still going strong.

The couple started as friends with late-night phone calls for a few months before meeting in person.

Steve eventually flew out to San Diego to see Mindy and their first meetup lasted a few weeks.

Steve made the first move, going in for a kiss, after about a week of spending time with Mindy, and their relationship has continued to progress.

The pair continued their long-distance romance ever since, taking turns to visit each other and explore their shared love of adventure whenever they spend time together.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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