MAFS Season 10 update: What happened to Zach and Mindy?

Former MAFS couple Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben screenshot
Where is Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben today? Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben went into the Married at First Sight process hopeful that the experts would find her the perfect match.

Sadly, those hopes were squashed early into the season when she found out her husband, Zach Justice wasn’t attracted to her.

The fitness enthusiast made it known to his wife from early in the game, that she wasn’t his type. Zach found his type on his wedding day, it just wasn’t Mindy, it was one of her close friends/bridesmaids, Lindsay.

Later in the season, we found out that Zach and Lindsay had exchanged numbers and were texting each other behind Mindy’s back.

That inappropriate relationship shed more light on why Zach had no interest in moving into the shared apartment with his wife, or why he expressed zero interest in trying to make their marriage work.

As the eight-week experiment painfully played out, it was obvious Zach wasn’t there for the right reasons.

Viewers blasted Zach, and they urged Mindy to kick him to the curb. Eventually, her patience ran out, and she finally put an end to the nonsense.

However, A lot has changed since Season 10, so where are Zach and Mindy today?

Mindy Shiben found love with MAFS Season 14 star Steve Moy

Mindy found love on MAFS after all, just not with her husband.

As it turns out, her perfect match was with someone from another season–Steve Moy, who started dating Mindy after his marriage to Noi Phommasak crashed and burned.

The cute couple came on our radar in early 2023 when they went Instagram official.

We’re happy to report that Mindy’s romance with the Season 14 star is still going strong.

The couple enjoyed a fun trip to Las Vegas in November 2023 and in December they spent the holidays together and posed for a steamy photoshoot.

Mindy fits in well with Steve’s family because his sister was the one behind the cameras.

“While Mindy was visiting Boston for the holidays, we had the wonderful opportunity to step into the holiday spirit with a photo shoot, put together and captured by my talented sister, @jennifermoyphotography,” wrote Steve in his Instagram post.

Zach Justice is living his best single life

Zach Justice has been doing just fine since we last saw him on MAFS.

As far as we know, he doesn’t have a special woman in his life right now– either that, or he’s keeping her far away from the prying eyes on social media.

Instead, he’s been posting a lot of fitness photos and videos. He’s also been working on his guitar skills, that is when he’s not on the field playing soccer.

Meanwhile, Zach might not have found his special someone quite yet, but at least he has two best friends to keep him company.

Zach rang in the new year with his two fur babies writing, “A dog’s best friend…🍻Cheers to a new year and wiping away all the eye boogers that may get in their way.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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