Married at First Sight: Are Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben dating?

Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben
MAFS alums Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben spent time together in California. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy, @mindy_shiben/Instagram

Married at First Sight star Steve Moy has fans wondering about the status of his dating life.

Steve became a fan favorite while on the show despite his rocky marriage to Noi Phommasak.

After announcing their divorce, Steve and Noi went back and forth online, exchanging accusations about why their marriage ended. Fans mostly sided with Steve and blamed Noi for most of the couple’s problems.

Since then, Steve has focused on improving himself, traveling, and spending quality time with his family and friends. Now, fans are wondering if the reality star has found love again.

A recent photo of Steve with another MAFS alum, Mindy Shiben, has created some buzz in the fandom.

It appears the two got together to enjoy the scenic views of California and explore the coast. While fans aren’t sure what’s going on between Steve and Mindy, they’re excited about the possibility of their budding romance.

MAFS fans hope Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben are dating

After Steve’s post on Instagram showing his time with Mindy, fans flooded the comments section to share their thoughts and opinions.

One user wrote, “I hope this is a thing- great match!!”

Another fan wanted to show their support by writing, “I love Mindy and Steve! They are good people who want love and respect. I hope you two are together! ?❤️.”

One commenter wanted to express their excitement over the possibility of Steve and Mindy together and said, “Yesssssssss! Living for this crossover!!!”

MAFS fans comment on Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben possibly dating.
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Even former MAFS star Anthony D’Amico joined in on the fun, writing, “I hear the 1st person you date after being on MAFS you marry ?.”

Anthony D'Amico leaves a playful comment for Steve Moy and Mindy Shiben.
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Long-time viewers of MAFS may recall the unfortunate ending of Mindy’s marriage. Her ex-husband, Zach Justice, struggled to connect with her and even refused to move into their shared apartment. After Mindy found out he was trying to set up a date with her friend, the two decided to end their marriage weeks before Decision Day.

It’s still unclear how Mindy and Steve got together, although it’s not uncommon for participants to reach out to one another after their season has aired.

Steve Moy has written a book

After his time on the show, Steve decided to take advantage of his growing popularity and dive into other ventures. He has since written a book that he is now promoting.

The book is titled Dedication: Life, Love, Communication, and Following Your Dreams and focuses on self-improvement. He has described it as a guide to overcoming challenges, making better decisions, and navigating life’s difficulties.

Steve will be self-publishing his book and selling it on his website. He says fans can pre-order their copies before its release and choose what price they are willing or able to pay.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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