Did Hannah Brown come between Tyler Cameron and his friend Matt James?

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron says no woman will ever get between him and his friend Matt. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron still hasn’t confirmed whether he’s dating Hannah Brown, after the two spent a few weeks together in self-isolation before Hannah went back to her family in Alabama.

Since she left the Tik Tok Quarantine Crew and her warm bed at Tyler’s house behind, the two appear closer than ever. But they won’t confirm whether they are dating.

However, Tyler has been dropping hints that they are indeed close to becoming a couple after spending weeks together. Now a video surfaced of him getting a little defensive after Hannah is mentioned in a conversation.

Tyler Cameron says ‘no lady’ will come between him and Matt

The conversation happened on Instagram Live, where Tyler revealed that he and Matt James are super close.

So close, that he claims no woman could ever get between them.

“Lemme tell you how it works, though. Me and Matt, we’re inseparable. No lady can come between us,” Tyler says in the recording.

His friend chimes in with a question, asking, “So…Hannah doesn’t count?”

Tyler’s reaction is priceless. Both Tyler and Matt hint that it was perhaps a low blow and Tyler points his finger at his friend, saying, “this isn’t about us!”

Perhaps his friend was trying to get a confirmation out of Tyler about his relationship status with Hannah. If he was, it failed.

Tyler Cameron hasn’t confirmed he’s dating Hannah B

Whether Hannah and Tyler are officially an item is the biggest question haunting Bachelor Nation these days.

But the two have been dropping hints that they could be a romantic item.

Just a couple of days ago, Tyler was confronted with a statement that said he probably wasn’t the best fit for Hannah. If he wasn’t trying to date her, he probably would have let it slide. Instead, he took it personally and decided to call out the people attacking him on them being “crazy cat ladies”.

It isn’t crazy to think that the two are dating, however. The pair have previously hinted about hooking up, including having Hannah comment on Tyler’s package.

They recently also teased fans by playing a game of spin-the-bottle. They didn’t kiss on camera, but fans suspect that they have hooked up while in quarantine — before Hannah went home to her family.

Quarantine is now keeping them apart, but it will be interesting to see what happens once that is lifted. Will she return to Jupiter, Florida or will he visit her in Los Angeles or Alabama?

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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