Tyler Cameron jokes that he finally got into Hannah B’s pants

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron jokes that he finally got in Hannah B’s pants as they are in quarantine together. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is currently staying in isolation with Hannah Brown.

Hannah traveled to see Tyler last weekend, but the country has since got into self-isolation to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This means that these two former Bachelorette stars are bonding and hanging out with friends.

Of course, fans are hoping that they will get back together after Hannah dumped him right before he was about to propose to her.

It’s no secret that she felt she made a mistake after Jed Wyatt revealed he had a girlfriend at home in Nashville.

Tyler Cameron insinuates he slept with Hannah B

Tyler, Hannah, Tyler’s brother, and a few friends are staying together during this quarantine time. They have created a Tik Tok account they call The Quarantine Crew.

One of the videos, Hannah, along with two girls, is dancing in front of a mirror to Drake’s song called Nonstop. Then, the video goes dark for just a second, and then Tyler, along with his brother and a friend, are dancing in the same positions wearing the same clothes.

In other words, Tyler is wearing Hannah’s pants and shirt. That’s where his comment that Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants comes into play. You can watch the video here.

@thequarantinecrewBREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants ##fyp ##foryou ##coronavirus ##fliptheswitch ##thequarantinecrew♬ Nonstop – Drake

Of course, he’s joking that he finally slept with Hannah, as the two of them never got to continue their relationship after The Bachelorette ended.

We do know that she slept with Peter Weber in the windmill — a whopping four times in fact — but she hasn’t dished the details about Tyler in the same way.

Tik Tok Hannan and Tyler
Tyler jokes that he finally got in Hannah’s pants. Pic credit: @TheQuarantineCrew/Tik Tok

Tyler Cameron could be leaning on Hannah B after his mom passed away

Tyler suddenly lost his mother on February 29 to a brain aneurysm. On social media, he informed everyone that he had a family emergency in the family.

Just days later, he revealed that his mother had passed away.

At the time, Hannah B reached out to him, sharing a simple heart emoji on his Instagram post.

This week, we learned that Hannah’s brother Patrick overdosed on March 1, just one day after Tyler’s mom passed away.

The two could be leaning on one another to get through these tough times.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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