Diana Jenkins shows she is more Googled than Garcelle Beauvais

diana jenkins is more googled than garcelle beauvais
Diana Jenkins throws shots at Garcelle Beauvais and shows she is more Googled. Pic credit: ©

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Diana Jenkins is on fire as she reposts anti-Garcelle Beauvais content and makes her case.

Diana’s latest revelation came on her Instagram Story.

She reposted a tweet from a fan who mentioned Garcelle’s “Google me” comment.

A Twitter user searched for Garcelle and Diana and believed that Diana was more popular than Garcelle.

Then, an Instagram fan account for Erika Jayne reposted the tweet on Instagram.

Finally, Diana reposted the image on her Instagram to show fans her Google feat.

Diana Jenkins reposts fans who believe she is more Googled than Garcelle Beauvais

A Twitter account supportive of Diana Jenkins posted evidence of a perceived lack of interest in Garcelle compared to Diana.

The fan posted two photos taken from Google Trends, where users can see which search terms are more popular in different locations and during different time periods. 

The pictures showed that for the week of August 14-August 20, Diana Jenkins received more Google searches.

The fan tweeted “Garcelle “GOOOGLE ME” to a million viewers on national television. Yet empress @sdjneuro gets more results even after the episode airs.. funny how that works. I guess people aren’t interested in Garcelle after all. ??‍♂️ What a flop moment..”

As a side note, the chart shows that Garcelle received more Google searches for a significant portion of the other time.

Next, an Erika Girardi fan account posted the tweet on Twitter. Diana also posted the Instagram Story, perhaps to prove a point.

diana jenkins google
Pic credit: @sdjneuro/Instagram

The battle is the latest after Diana took issue with Garcelle’s comments off camera.

Diana Jenkins’ battle with Garcelle Beauvais

Diana Jenkins and Garcelle Beauvais have gone at it this season on RHOBH.

Although Diana said, she could tell Garcelle liked her in a recent episode, the truth of that statement is unclear.

The drama between Garcelle and Diana has heated up off camera.

Diana had a controversy where she called a Bravo fan account a Black content creator.

Andy Cohen asked about this on Watch What Happens Live, and Garcelle said Diana was “uneducated.”

Garcelle’s comment appeared to spark ire in Diana, who wrote an open letter.

The letter began, “Dear Garcelle, Next time you go on national television why don’t you educate viewers on how many times I went to Haiti. Your home country. Why don’t you tell them how many planes full of first aid and medical supplies I sent to Haiti.”

Diana erased the letter after she received backlash from the public.

What do you think about Diana vs. Garcelle?

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