Demi Burnett blasts Reality Steve’s ‘calculated’ apology, says The Bachelor blogger should admit to being a ‘creep’

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett doesn’t buy Reality Steve’s most recent apology. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett isn’t buying reality TV blogger and spoiler revealer Reality Steve’s most recent apology.

After accusing him of forcing her to listen to him depict a “graphic sex dream” about her, Demi isn’t convinced that he wasn’t aware of the power dynamic he had over Bachelor Nation, as he claimed.

Demi spoke out against Reality Steve’s most recent apology on the Talking it Out podcast on Monday.

“I don’t need this, ‘I had no idea and I never thought about the fact that I had a power over these women and blah blah,'” she said. “That is B.S.—to the T, B.S. You would have to be someone who has never, ever, ever even heard of the show before to think that. Someone who, you know, lives in Antarctica or something. Like, there’s no way you don’t see the power dynamic.”

She added that she believes Reality Steve used the power dynamic to his advantage in a manipulative way.

“For him to say he doesn’t see the power dynamic, I’m like, you’re not dumb, dude. You’re not dumb. You’re clearly very smart, very calculated. You know what you’re doing,” she added. “So just own the fact that you were being a creep and you were being inappropriate and that’s it.”

Demi also shared that she felt pressure to build a relationship with him because he had “called her the worst names” and said “ugly, ugly things” about her in his blog.

She noted that he stopped writing about her once she attempted to connect with him, proving that he was intentionally abusing the power he had.

Reality Steve’s most recent apology

During his Reality Steve Podcast on April 29, Reality Steve addressed the accusations against him once again and apologized.

“Going forward, I’m not gonna have any sort of personal relationship with these contestants,” he vowed. “Because even the times I’ve tried to speak to them in a ‘looking out for you’ way, helping them maybe avoid disaster, etc, it backfires more often than not. I need to draw clearer lines that these are people I’m reporting on not people I have relationships/friendships with.”

He also claimed that he didn’t realize the “power dynamic” he had over Bachelor Nation but now understands that it “prevents any REAL social relationship from happening” and “prevents genuine behavior, meaning, I can’t be sure if someone actually WANTS to talk to me or not.”

Demi’s and more accusations against Reality Steve

Reality Steve’s behavior was first exposed during Bekah Matinez’s podcast Chatty Broads. She and her co-host Jess Ambrose accused Reality Steve of being “extremely problematic” and “extremely biased towards women.”

They specifically cited how he wrote about Jade Roper from Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor after news broke that she had posed for Playboy.

Bekah and Jess also admitted they were “nervous” to speak out because of the power he has over Bachelor Nation.

After Bekah and Jess spoke out, Reality Steve issued his first apology and claimed he had changed.

This is when Demi Burnett first spoke out and said that he hadn’t changed as in recent times, he outed her as bisexual before she had a chance to speak out on it and forced her to listen to a depiction of a “graphic sex dream” he had about her.

She said the reason why she even got on the phone with him is that he implied he had major gossip about her.

Despite another apology attempt, it seems Reality Steve’s victims aren’t buying it.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Monday, June 7 at 8/7c.

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