Da’Vonne Rogers uploads new video to trash Kevin Campbell from Big Brother 22

DaVonne BB22 Cast
Da’Vonne Rogers still has a lot to say months after Big Brother 22 ended. Pic credit: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers uploaded a new video to YouTube where she talks down Kevin Campbell and how he played Big Brother 22.

She opened the video by thanking viewers for stopping her channel, while also stating that she never reads the comments. Later, she responded to comments on the new video, suggesting that maybe she does read the comments? Or maybe she isn’t even running her own account? Either way, she is drawing a lot of eyes and ears to her content, which seems like the primary intent of her YouTube posts.

Da’Vonne previously released a video about the BB22 cast and David Alexander. It was also two hours in length and included a lot of bashing of David, but also had Da’Vonne admitting that she didn’t watch the season after it had ended. Her reasoning for creating a video months after Big Brother ended was because she kept redoing it.

Now, Da’Vonne is back to give her die-hard fans more of what they want, which is for her to rip into other members of the Big Brother 22 cast and create some quotable moments during the long offseason of the show. From that standpoint, she definitely succeeds with this new video.

Da’Vonne’s new YouTube video

Below is the new video that was shared by Da’Vonne Rogers this week on YouTube. It’s more than two hours in length, so it could take a while to get through for people who are interested in hearing what she has to say. Spoiler alert: she talks a lot about people flip-flopping while she flip-flops herself.

The video starts with an introduction and then jumps into attacks against Kevin Campbell, beginning with a personal note that he sent her where he says glowing things about her. But in true Da’Vonne style, she used it as a way to attack him. Her claim was that he was being dishonest with the message.

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how I felt about you was real and I never meant to make you feel bad. I’m sure when we had our convo in jury I must have given you bad vibes and that set us spiraling in our separate ways. I truly did enjoy our moments together. You are a beautiful soul, and strong, smart and talented. Despite me failing miserably, thank you for making my time on BB enjoyable!” Kevin said in his DM to Da’Vonne.

It is at about the 9:48 mark that Da’Vonne starts talking about Kevin’s message to her.

A takeaway from Da’Vonne’s video

It is very clear that Da’Vonne wants everyone to know that she is still hurt by what happened on Big Brother 22. Whether most of the slights are in her mind or really happened is for someone else to decide, but she definitely wants all Big Brother fans to take her side. She even makes that clear by calling people “haters” if they disagree with what she has been saying.

She doesn’t hide her behavior, though, making it clear to everyone when she says that “I get real disrespectful when I feel disrespected.” The key there is her use of “I feel” instead “I am” to describe her thoughts.

Late in the video, she calls Enzo “trash” and says some pretty ugly things about him, so maybe he will be the next person to get a video?

The video itself is definitely a way for Da’Vonne to stay in the spotlight and she is taking full advantage of the fact that she has some die-hard fans who will support her no matter what.

She does have some former fans who don’t understand why she is still bashing members of the BB22 cast so many months after the show ended.

Make sure to watch the video above and decide for yourself whether she makes great points or crosses the line.

As for Kevin’s thoughts when he left the house? He did go live back in October about it and that can be seen below. This is the live session that Da’Vonne refers to a lot in her new video.

More Big Brother is on the way this summer and people who want to be part of the BB23 cast can still apply to be on the show.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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