Darcey Silva shares new photo on Instagram, but where’s her engagement ring?

Darcey Silva.
Darcey Silva’s engagement ring was notably absent from a recent Instagram post. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s Darcey Silva had fans scratching their heads with one of her more recent posts to Instagram.

The 90 Day Fiance alum and star of the hit TLC show Darcey & Stacey is known for her glamorous social media posts. Fans have come to expect nothing less when it comes to extravagance from Darcey. This is especially true when promoting the clothing brand she owns with her twin sister, Stacey Silva, called House of Eleven.

The brand is best known for its bold fashion options which are often modeled by Darcey.

However, in a recent post for the brand, fans noticed that not only was the selected dress vastly different than what they’re used to seeing from House of Eleven, but Darcey’s engagement ring from fiance Georgi Rusev was also nowhere to be found.

Darcey’s engagement ring missing from recent Instagram post

The Instagram post featured Darcey lounging on her side in a bold printed maxi dress while propped up on her elbow with her other hand laying on her hip.

The pose did wonders in showing off the magnificence of the dress, however, fans couldn’t stay focused on the merchandise when they noticed that her left hand was bare and there were no signs of her engagement ring.

The mom of two captioned the post, “House of Eleven making moves! [red heart emoji] Hof11 Home and Villas! coming soon! Shop now for all your Hof11 @houseofeleven favorites! [red heart emoji]”

Once it was noticed, fans took to the post’s comment section questioning why Darcey isn’t wearing her ring.

Fans wonder where Darcey’s engagement ring is, wonder if she’s still engaged?

Fans first met Darcey on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days when she was dating Jesse Meester. And although their relationship was a disaster from the get-go, Darcey did all she could to keep their romance alive.

After their split, Darcey then began dating Tom Brooks. The pair were first featured in Season 3 of the 90 Day Fiance spinoff and fans immediately recognized similar red flags between Tom and Darcey. Many of it seemed to stem from Darcey’s intense desire to find her happily ever after.

After that ended in a bitter breakup, fans were left wondering what was next for her. So, when Darcey and Stacey received their own spinoff series and Darcey introduced her boyfriend Georgi, things seemed to be looking up.

The pair seemed incredibly happy and many thought the couple would be able to stand the test of time. Now, that’s been thrown into question with her missing ring.

“No ring???” one follower asked.

Another wrote, “No longer engaged? I see the ring is gone.”

Comment from Darcey Silva's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Yet another fan commented in surprise, “Where’s your engagement ring?? [three shocked face emojis]”

Comment from Darcey Silva's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Darcey has been pictured without her engagement ring. Previously, a social media post with Georgi showed the couple seemingly still madly in love.

Darcey has yet to confirm her current engagement status.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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