Darcey Silva gets called out by her fans for reposting the same old content on her Instagram page

Darcey Silva
Darcey has been recycling her Instagram content and fans have caught on. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Darcey has a habit of reposting old content, and her followers have caught on and started calling her out for it.

Most recently she recycled a promotional video for her clothing line, House of 11, that a fan pointed out was from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

While Darcey posts frequently to her Instagram account, it is often pictures of either her products, daughters, or highly filtered photos of herself.

It seems like a lot of Darcey’s content on her social media is promotional or old, and it is very rare that she posts something that she’d doing or a fresh unfiltered picture. Her IG stories are filled with religious quotes or product pushing for House of 11, so fans cannot usually expect any new Darcey content from there.

Darcey’s fans recognize when she posts the same content

While one fan recognized the video and called Darcey out for posting it on her page for a third time, another fan seconded that notion.

Her fans also said in the same vein that they love her but that she needs to keep her page and feed fresher.

It’s possible that she keeps her Instagram under wraps and free of any current events going on in her life because she is under contract with 90 Day Fiance. It is also possible, however, that it is just her style to keep her old content in rotation.

Darcey does have over 1 million followers who watch her every move, so they are hyper-critical of what she puts out there.

Darcey Silva's IG post
Darcey recycled one of her old House of 11 videos and her followers didn’t like it. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Followers commented on Darcey’s content repetition.

Darcey Silvas IG post comments
Darcey’s followers gave their opinions on her Instagram content. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Will Darcey be featured in the 90 Day Fiance franchise?

Darcey and Stacey saw a lot of success in love and viewer reaction to their 90 Day Fiance spinoff Darcey & Stacey. Darcey got engaged while Stacey got married, and there is a lot of anticipation for Season 2.

An official renewal or release date has not yet been announced by the network, but the twins have plenty of drama that could be featured on another season.

Season 1 of Darcey & Stacey was Darcey’s third attempt at finding love on camera. The relationship she started on the show with Bulgarian Georgi Rusev has been far better and lasted longer than Darcey’s last two relationships.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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