Crystal Minkoff says Kathy Hilton is ‘holding her head high’ after RHOBH trailer shows her in the hot seat

Crystal and Kathy
Friends and castmates Crystal Minkoff and Kathy Hilton. Pic credit: Bravo

Crystal Kung Minkoff was brought on to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a friend of Kathy Hilton, whom she has known for 15 years. At the time, Crystal was not interested in being on reality TV but took a phone call with producers anyway. She revealed that once Kathy signed on as a friend-of, she convinced her to change her mind and join the show as a full-time Housewife.

Shel did admit she had a lot of hesitation about joining the cast because she had been an avid Real Housewives fan, so Crystal knew what she was walking into. But knowing she had Kathy by her side, she knew she had at least one friend who would always support her.

Now rumors are circulating that Kathy had a rough season, and Crystal is showing the same support for her as she struggled with the media reports of other Housewives gunning for Kathy.

Kathy is ‘inspiring’ to close friend Crystal

Crystal continues to speak highly of her friend, Kathy, as stories circulate about the Season 12 drama. She attended Sutton Stracke’s Cashmere & Caviar party in West Hollywood this week and was asked how Kathy is handling the criticism.

“I talk to her a lot and I will say that Kathy is staying very positive and holding her head high throughout all of this,” Crystal said, adding, “It’s very inspiring to me. I want to be like that!”

Although it is being reported that Kathy has been on the outs with Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, and even sister Kyle Richards, Crystal said Kathy is in a good place with the cast. Crystal revealed, “I know that she still is friends with all her friends. So nothing’s changed in that way. She’s still my friend and that’s all that matters to me.”

Crystal talks tension between Kyle and Kathy

Crystal admitted that her friendship with Kyle really flourished this season, but when Kathy and Kyle started having challenges in their relationship, it left Crystal in a peculiar place.

“Friends getting between friends is one thing. But Kathy, Kyle and everyone on the cast knows I am the biggest supporter of family,” Crystal said, also elaborating, “I feel like a good friend always encourages family to resolve anything. No matter how tense things got, I always encouraged Kathy and Kyle to resolve whatever was going on.”

Crystal said she understands because her brother is so important to her, and she considers him her best friend. “My brother and I fight harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, but we love each other harder than anybody too. Family has conflict. It’s just natural,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 premieres on Wednesday, May 11 at 8/7c on Bravo.