Courtney Waldrop shares new family photo, says life is exhausting, ‘be thankful for every blessing big and small’

Courtney Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets
Sweet Home Sextuplets matriarch Courtney Waldrop shared a new family pic and some words of encouragement for her followers. Pic credit: TLC

Sweet Home Sextuplets matriarch Courtney Waldrop shared a beautiful new family pic and included some words of encouragement for her followers.

In the pic, Courtney and her husband, Eric, are surrounded by their nine kids, Saylor, Wales, Bridge, Blu, Rayne, Rawlings, Tag, Layke, and Rivers and posed in front of a lake.

Courtney had a long caption to accompany the pic and offered words of encouragement and showed her gratitude for the life her family has been given, even during some of their hardest times.

Courtney shared that her family’s journey has forced them to choose between ‘life or death’

“Not sure what we did to deserve this sweet life of ours❤️A life we didn’t plan or want when we’re told we were pregnant with 6 babies. A life that scared us to death. A life that made us have to make a big choice. A life that made us have to choose life or death. A life that made us have to pick our way or Gods way.”

“I’m thankful every day we didn’t pick at the time what we thought would be best for us. I’m thankful everyday that God shook us out of the extreme fear we were facing and opened our eyes in trusting Him…and realize the outcome would be His will not our will.”

Courtney and Eric chose to forgo selective reduction and instead chose to keep all six babies

“And wow!! As I look at these sweet faces in this picture I cannot imagine life without them. They complete us in every way. I will not pretend our life is perfect because it’s not. There’s no words to explain the exhaustion of raising 6 three year olds, 9 year olds twins, and a 12 year old!!”

“How I want to pull my hair out on a daily basis? and how juggling 6 toddlers while raising 3 extremely active big boys sometimes seems impossible in conquering the day.”

“But we are doing it!! And we have been beyond blessed in every step of the way!! When I think I can’t do it…God shows me I can!!”

“I don’t believe God puts certain things in people’s lives because He knows you can handle it…I believe He puts circumstance in peoples lives and we all have a choice on how we’re going to handle it.”

“Will we turn to Him or run!! I’m thankful we quit running during that extremely fearful time in our lives and turned it all over to Him!! Doesn’t mean everyday has been perfect but it does mean Gods in control and will provide strength in whatever the day may bring!!”

Courtney told her followers to ‘be thankful for every blessing big and small’

“Haven’t had a long post like this in forever but sometimes it’s nice to look back and see how far you’ve come no matter what your situation is…be thankful for every blessing big and small and praise Him through the good and the bad!!??”

“My favorite verse that got us through those tough and scary times: PROVERBS 3:5-6 Thank you @cnwillphoto for this amazing photo??? it couldn’t be anymore PERFECT?”

The Waldrops are a busy, super-sized family of 11

The Waldrops, who are devout Christians, are always on the go, even with their nine children in tow.

Recently, the family has been undergoing renovation and construction on their home to expand their living space to accommodate their large brood.

Courtney and Eric, who have been together for 25 years, made do living in a small double-wide mobile home on their property while their home was under construction.

Eric coaches their older sons in baseball, and Courtney makes sure to attend games whenever possible with all six of the sextuplets in tow.

Fans of the show are anxiously awaiting a return date for a fourth season of Sweet Home Sextuplets, but as of now, nothing has been announced.

Sweet Home Sextuplets is currently on hiatus.

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