Connor Brennan shoots his shot with Jessenia Cruz after Bachelor in Paradise departure

Connor Brennan on Bachelor in Paradise
Connor Brennan hasn’t given up on love after Bachelor in Paradise as he shoots his shot with Jessenia Cruz. Pic credit: ABC

Connor Brennan may not have lasted on Bachelor in Paradise but that doesn’t mean that he has given up on love.

Connor’s relationship with Maurissa Gunn may not have worked out but he revealed that he had a crush on another contestant from the show.

In a recent social media post, Connor confessed that Jessenia Cruz, from The Bachelor Season 25, was actually the woman he had been most looking forward to meeting on the summer spinoff series.

Connor expressed his feelings for her the way he knows best– with a song.

In a video lasting nearly three minutes long, Connor sang about how Jessenia made him feel.

Even though he titled the song Perfect Murder, the song was remarkably sweet and vulnerable.

In the caption, he thanked Wells Adams for motivating him to shoot his shot with Jessenia during Connor’s last night on Bachelor in Paradise.

Connor wrote, “[Wells] gave me some really great advice. i told him that jessenia was actually the person i was most excited to meet on the beach, and that she was the one person who still made me SO nervous. he said that i didn’t want to regret not telling her how i felt six months from now, and to go big or go home.”

Connor certainly took a big risk, but was it worth it?

As Connor noted in his caption, Jessenia has taken the time to listen to his song. She even complimented him in the comments section.

“My favorite song ever,” Jessenia wrote, along with an affectionate emoji, so maybe his risk paid off.

Jessenia Cruz's comment on Connor Brennan's Instagram post
Pic credit: @connorfalcon/Instagram

It may be possible for the two to get together. Jessenia is currently dating Chris Conran on the show, but she had only recently broken up with Ivan Hall. There’s a chance that Jessenia may have also left Bachelor in Paradise along and be free to pursue something with Connor.

How Connor Brennan left Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor Nation felt for Connor after he didn’t receive a rose on the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Connor had been pursuing Maurissa Gunn and they seemed to have good chemistry. During the first rose ceremony, Connor gave Maurissa his rose.

However, everything changed when Riley Christian showed up with a date card.

Riley chose to take Maurissa on the date, and while Connor wasn’t worried, everyone else had felt that he should be.

Riley and Maurissa hit it off both at the dinner table and the bedroom.

The next day, Connor dressed to impress and offered to create his own makeshift date for him and Maurissa.

However, Tazhjuan Hawkins broke the news to Connor that Riley and Maurissa had slept together.

At that point, Connor knew his chances with Maurissa were pretty low.

Connor has put himself out there in front of Bachelor Nation before

Connor has proved that he’s not afraid to take a chance for love.

During The Bachelorette Men Tell All special, Connor was brought on stage for an individual interview.

When asked about his breakup with Katie Thurston, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was a bad kisser.

One audience member, another musician named Tara Kelly, volunteered to kiss Connor to prove whether he was a bad kisser or not.

She expressed that she thought he was a good kisser and Connor encouraged her to call him after the show.

The morning after the Men Tell All special aired, Connor even dedicated a social media post to her, seemingly still interested.

While it seems that his romance with Tara didn’t work out, his risky move may have paid off when it comes to Jessenia.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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