Colton Underwood to appear on Reality Steve’s podcast with supposed bombshells about production

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood is a guest on Reality Steve’s podcast this week. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood will spill the beans on his time on The Bachelor.

Colton, who has often been vocal about the goings-on behind the scenes as his season of The Bachelor was being filmed, chose to open up to none other than Reality Steve.

Earlier this week, Steve teased that an insider would dish all the details and explain a huge twist that had major production influence.

We’re now learning that he was talking about Colton.

Colton Underwood will answer tough and honest questions from Reality Steve

For a few days, Reality Steve has teased about a major development in terms of production. He claims that he heard a story about six months ago about a previous season. At the time, he didn’t reveal what it was or who the story involved.

Then, yesterday, he revealed that Colton had been a podcast guest and he answered every question that Steve threw his way.

Reality Steve also joked about when Colton will delete his Twitter account again, adding that Colton does talk about Cassie and Tia a lot on the show.

Colton Underwood
Reality Steve reveals Colton Underwood is his guest this week. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

@bachelornation.scoop shared the tweets from Reality Steve with a GIF that pretty much explained our reaction as well – what is going on?

What could Colton share that has even Reality Steve shocked?

Earlier this week, Reality Steve tweeted about a storyline that had some major production involvement. He didn’t share much, but now, he has confirmed that he was talking about Colton’s season.

Producers are rumored to interfere at times- for example, Kelley Flanagan claimed that she was locked in a closet on Peter Weber’s season of the show.

Colton Underwood recently broke things off with Cassie Randolph

We do know that Colton is no longer with his final pick, Cassie Randolph. The two split up this spring after spending time in quarantine together as Colton battled COVID-19.

After Colton and Cassie broke up, they went back and forth in the media about their split. When Cassie appeared on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, she tried her best to dodge questions about Colton. However, he was upset that she would even go on the show to talk about him.

In the weeks that followed, Demi Burnett tried to get an answer from Cassie about why they broke up, but she claims she never got one. Then, just weeks later, Colton was spotted running with Lucy Hale and romance rumors quickly started swirling.

It’s possible that Lucy will come up in Colton’s discussion with Steve. The episode is expected to drop tomorrow.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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