Clayton claps back at 90 Day Fiance viewer for saying he has ‘no social skills’

90 Day Fiance star Clayton Clark screenshot image
Clayton Clark claps back at 90 Day Fiance viewer. Pic credit: TLC

Clayton Clark showcased his social skills, or lack thereof, during the latest 90 Day Fiance episode, and one viewer just called him out.

However, the Season 10 newbie has been clapping back at critics on social media, and this time was no different.

In case you missed the awkward scene, it happened in San Diego during a trip with his fiance, Anali.

The duo met with a friend of Clayton’s and his girlfriend for a double date, but it quickly became an awkward sharing session about Clayton and Anali’s dull sex life.

Clayton didn’t just tell his friends that Anali refused to have sex with him – he also felt the need to share that information with the waitress at the restaurant.

After the scene played out, people had lots to say about his behavior, but Clayton didn’t want to hear it.

Clayton Clark claps back at 90 Day Fiance viewer and laughingly calls her a ‘fan’

It was supposed to be a fun trip for Clayton and Anali, but things quickly spiraled.

After years of playing games online with his best friend, Kameron, whom he had never met in person, Anali was the catalyst for their first meetup.

However, Kameron and his girlfriend were in for a surprise when Clayton proceeded to give them the lowdown about his sexual frustrations.

Furthermore, Anali was horrified when he shared personal information with their server at the restaurant as well.

After the episode aired, Clayton shared a group photo on Instagram and captioned the post, “Uncomfortable conversations. Relationships strengthened. We’ll be back, San Diego.”

He got several comments from viewers about his behavior, but one in particular hit a nerve with the 29-year-old.

“I’m sorry but you have no social skills!” wrote one commenter. “No wonder she doesn’t want to sleep with you. If someone constantly made me feel uncomfortable I wouldn’t want to either!”

“@19rings you follow me. You’re literally a fan. 😂,” retorted Clayton. “just say you didn’t read what I said and save that paragraph of yappin’. It’s shorter. Also, I addressed this already.”

Clayton Clark claps back on Instagram
A fan goes after Clayton. Pic credit: @claytonclark/Instagram

Clayton Clark is working on his social skills

We don’t know if his social skills have improved yet, but Clayton has been socializing much more since Anali arrived in the U.S.

Clayton already confessed that he spent most of his time online gaming and didn’t go out much because he didn’t have many friends. However, Anali is slowly changing that.

Anali has managed to get Clayton away from his computer more often, and recently, they enjoyed a Peruvian cooking lesson together.

Clayton raved about the restaurant and said, “The authentic Peruvian food and hospitality were amazing… Thank you for making me a better chef and giving Analí a reminder of Perú. 🇵🇪.”

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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