Clare Crawley addresses ‘messy’ breakup with Dale Moss, says ‘I would have never walked’

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley
The Bachelorette alum Clare Crawley opens up about her breakup with Dale Moss for the first time. Pic credit: @clarecrawley/Instagram

Former The Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley addressed her breakup with Dale Moss following weeks of radio silence.

Clare alluded to the breakup in a shady Instagram post and Dale’s publicist spoke out on the matter, but this is the first time either Clare or Dale are speaking on the matter directly.

Clare appeared on the Whine Down podcast to share her truth about the breakup.

She revealed that she has enough dirt of Dale for their breakup to be even messier than it already is, but she doesn’t plan on sharing it and is “taking the high road.”

She also addressed the statement from Dale’s publicist claiming she ended the relationship by ignoring his texts.

“I don’t need a publicist speaking my side of the story,” she stated. “I don’t care for my side of the story, to be honest, to even be out there — even if I have receipts and proof, everything I need to show that I could really put it out there.”  

Clare claims Dale didn’t have a conversation with her over breakup

Even though Dale said Clare was the one who ignored him, Clare is implying that it was the other way around.

“It’s painful when you feel like somebody who you love deeply doesn’t even have enough respect to take you to sit down and have a very vulnerable conversation,” Clare said.

Clare even said the way he handled the breakup left her wondering if he even loved her at all.

She added, “It’s hurtful because it’s like, ‘You think that little of me?’ But yet he supposedly loved me.”

Clare and Dale’s breakup happened around the same time that Clare revealed she was going through health issues and that her mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and dementia, was put in hospice care.

Clare says she ‘would have never walked’ away from the relationship

Clare got emotional during the podcast interview as she proclaimed that she would have never left Dale.

“The one that gets me is, how do you say goodbye to somebody you never wanted to walk away from?” she asked. “Like I would have never walked… You’re having to say goodbye to somebody you don’t want to be saying goodbye to, you have to walk away from somebody you don’t want to walk away from. It’s hard, it’s painful.”

Clare is still feeling the pain from her breakup with Dale which is likely why it took her so long to open up about it.

Did Dale cheat on Clare?

There are rumors circulating that Dale cheated on Clare, and Clare isn’t exactly denying those rumors.

It’s likely that all the “receipts and proof” she has refer to instances of him being unfaithful.

Right around the time that news of their breakup got out, rumors circulated that Dale cheated on Clare with Bachelor Nation star Abigail Herringer.

When Clare first indirectly addressed the breakup on social media, she tagged Abigail in her post.

Supposedly, Abigail was the one who eventually untagged herself.

Additionally, Monsters & Critics previously reported that sources close to Abigail said that she didn’t think Clare and Dale were officially back together when she allegedly hooked up with him.

Others have accused Dale of just staying with Clare for the fame.

Based on all this evidence, it seems that if Dale didn’t cheat on her, he definitely did something that upset Clare and caused their relationship to end.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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