Cirie Fields reveals why Big Brother is harder than Survivor and The Traitors

Cirie on BB25
The Traitors winner Cirie Fields also appeared on Survivor and Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Cirie Fields knows a lot about reality competition shows.

She has played Survivor four times but finished short of winning the $1 million prize.

Her biggest challenge may have been playing Big Brother 25 – where she was in the same cast as her son, Jared Fields.

Fresh off winning the first season of The Traitors USA, Cirie was a hot ticket on reality TV again.

She had also recently appeared in an episode of Snake in the Grass against two Big Brother alums and another Survivor legend.

With those experiences under her belt, Cirie recently spoke about what sets Big Brother apart from the other reality competition shows.

Cirie Fields says there’s no place to hide on Big Brother

“I’m not new to this,” Cirie begins her explanation about reality competition shows.

“The Big Brother house is an animal of its own. It’s nothing like Survivor. It’s nothing like The Traitors. It’s nothing like Snake in the Grass. And the only thing that separates it from those other games is the constantness of it,” Cirie elaborated

When Cirie was competing on Survivor, the seasons lasted 39 days. Recent seasons have been shortened to 26 days, but it underscores that castaways play (at maximum) slightly more than a month.

The Traitors is filmed over a few weeks, while Snake in the Grass takes a few nights.

Big Brother 25 — the season Cirie played on — lasted 100 days of non-stop gameplay.

“There is no escaping [on Big Brother]. Like, you’re constantly with the housemates. You’re constantly either in the house or the backyard – there’s no place else to run. There’s no place else to hide,” Cirie elaborated.

“For real,” Jared stated in the clip shared below.

“It’s like a vice grip on you consistently, and you have to play the game. There’s no such thing as ‘I’m not gonna play the game,'” Cirie finished.

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