Christine Quinn talks pregnancy, reveals Selling Sunset costars have given her advice

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn opens up about pregnancy.
One Selling Sunset star who reached out to Christine following her pregnancy news will shock fans. Pic credit: Netflix

Christine Quinn is talking pregnancy and revealing which Selling Sunset costars have given her advice since she announced her baby news.

Last month, Christine shared she and her husband Christian Richard were expecting their first child. They chose to keep the news private until Christine started showing and are not finding out the sex of the baby.

In an interview with People magazine, Christine dishes her pregnancy style, cravings, fears, and her Selling Sunset costars.

What has pregnancy been like for Christine?

The blonde bombshell admitted the coronavirus pandemic brought Christine and Christian closer. It also helped them determine it was the right time to expand their family. They were very fortunate that getting pregnant happened pretty quickly.

Christine has adjusted her style as her baby bump grows. No more two pieces outfits for her. Dresses have become her go-to item because they are comfortable. Yoga attire is another must-have for Christine, but jeans are a big no-no.

In terms of cravings, Christine has tried to stick to her healthy routine. Pizza has become one of her major cravings though, while some of her favorite food like eggs and meat makes her sick. Fortunately, Christine hasn’t experienced too much nausea during her pregnancy.

The Selling Sunset star is looking forward to all aspects of motherhood except one. Christine has always wanted to be a mom.

“I’m really excited to just have a little angel that I can take care of and call my own,” Christine said. “It’s something that I’ve always looked forward to. I can’t wait to dress my little angel up in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and just make my baby so extra and over the top.”

Despite being nervous about the delivery, Christine hopes to have a natural birth. She knows it is essential to be flexible and will do whatever is best for her baby.

Which Selling Sunset stars have reached out to Christine?

There’s no question that Christine is the resident villain of The Oppenheim Group. However, the soon-to-be mama has found one unlikely ally among her coworkers since revealing she’s pregnant.

Davina Potratz, Christine’s good friend, has been by the first-time mom’s side from the beginning. Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith, both mothers, have become confidantes for Christie during her pregnancy too.

“Mary reached out as well, and we had a brief conversation, which was really nice. Mary and Amanza are both moms, and so they just said, ‘Please let us know if you need anything,'” Christine shared with People magazine.

Even though Christine has had issues with Amanza and Mary in the past, she is grateful for their insight, support, and honesty.

“Me and Amanza have had a lot of really long FaceTimes at night,” Christine stated. “It’s been really, really nice to have mothers who have gone through this as well, and we’re able to connect, and I’m just really blessed to have those people in my life. Amanza was, ‘They didn’t tell me this in the book, but here’s what happened.’ I’m, ‘Oh boy. Thank you for being honest.'”

As for whether or not Christine Quinn’s pregnancy will be featured on Selling Sunset Season 4, it all depends on when filming starts. There is a good chance viewers will see a glimpse of her pregnancy’s final stages and beginning stages of Christine as a mother.

Selling Sunset is currently on hiatus on Netflix.

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