Mary Fitzgerald says she’s in a ‘decent place’ with former BFF Christine Quinn

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald shares update on her friendship with Christine Quinn
Mary Fitzgerald gives update on friendship with Christine Quinn. Pic credit:Netflix.

Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn started off as close friends on the hit Netflix series, Selling Sunset. However, by Season 2 we started to see cracks in their friendship. It’s not clear what caused the rift between the two realtors, but something certainly changed between them.

The Selling Sunset cast has accused Mary of getting listings handed to her, which might have caused some tension in the group. Christine has certainly shared that opinion and it could very well be what kicked off the drama between her and Mary.

By Season 3 of the show, Christine and Mary were barely speaking and they even had a few confrontations. And, after the filming ended the former friends didn’t speak to each other for several months.

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However, things are looking up for the two Netflix stars as Mary just shared details about the current status of their relationship.

Are Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn friends again?

The Selling Sunset star had a recent chat with Entertainment Scoop and she addressed the state of her friendship with Christine.

In case fans were hoping to see the two women become best buds once again, that hasn’t happened yet.

“I don’t talk to her that much,” admitted Mary.

However, all hope is not lost for a reconciliation between the Selling Sunset stars.

“We did have a conversation where we hashed things out. Kinda got down to what went wrong, why we’re both frustrated,” shared the 39-year-old.

She continued, “I tried to help her out with something that she was frustrated with. So I think we’re in a decent place.”

“Yeah, we’re not at odds we just don’t really talk or hang out that much. We’re both living our own lives, we’re both dealing with [the] pandemic and not really going out, or being in the office that much so yeah, it makes it hard to interact,” added the reality TV star.

What going on with Season 4 of Selling Sunset?

During her chat with the media outlet, the Selling Sunset star was also asked about Season 4 of the show.

“We have not started filming yet,” noted Mary. “I am not allowed to officially say if there is gonna be a Season 4, but I think it’s very likely.”

She continued, “Season 3 did amazing, as far as ratings and everyone’s really amped up about it. So fans can definitely expect one.”

But unfortunately, there are no timelines for filming just yet.

“I don’t know when we’re gonna do it,” confessed the Oppenheim Group realtor. “They’re trying to figure out the whole filming with COVID situation.”

Netflix's Mary Fitzgerald Addresses Rumors and Talks "Selling Sunset" Season 4

Selling Sunset Seasons 1-3 are currently available on Netflix.

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