Christine Quinn confirms Selling Sunset return despite quitting Oppenheim Group

Selling Sunset star, Christine Quinn will return to the show for another season.
Christine Quinn confirms her return to the show for another season. Pic credit: Netflix

Fans of Selling Sunset haven’t seen the last of Christine Quinn. Arguably one of the show’s biggest villains, she’s set to return for Season 6 despite no longer working for the Oppenheim Group.

Christine made her exit from the luxury brokerage firm at the end of Season 5. Her abrupt departure, along with the ongoing feud with the majority of her costars, left some viewers believing she was done with the show and moving on to new ventures.

As talks surrounding the new season have begun, Christine decided to shut down the rumors surrounding her name. She’s confirmed that she will be back and hopes to feature her new business during Season 6.

Christine confirms her return to the show and teases a real estate ‘battle’

While on a promotional tour for her book, How to Be a Boss B***h, Christine talked exclusively to Us Weekly about her future on Selling Sunset.

She said, “I love the show,” as she confirmed she will be returning for at least one more season. Her role this time around will be a bit different. Christine didn’t give many details on how she will fit into the show this season. She simply says they will “have to get creative” as she no longer works for the Oppenheim Group.

She went on to say, “I’m not going anywhere,” and shared that she just wants to have fun with the show as she prepares to film another season.

Viewers may recall Christine leaving the brokerage at the end of Season 5. The realtor started her own company, RealOpen, with her husband and decided to make that her career focus. While talking about her return to the show, she teased that RealOpen and Oppenheim Group could have a showdown for sales. She says, “Maybe it’s a battle of the brokerages.”

The decision to leave the Oppenheim Group was hers and she says there are no issues or hard feelings between her and her former boss, Jason Oppenheim. She tells Us, “We’re in a really good place,” which has left the door open for a return.

Will Christine continue feuding with her costars?

So much of Christine’s time on Selling Sunset has revolved around the drama between her and her costars. She’s found herself at odds with most of the ladies on the show, even ending a few long-lasting friendships.

During the Season 5 reunion, Jason Oppenheim shared that he was open to bringing Christine back to the brokerage if she was interested. Although Christine was absent from the reunion, she has made it clear that she is not interested in continuing to work with people she feels do not support her and her business efforts.

While her costars haven’t spoken on her return, they have made their thoughts about Christine pretty clear throughout the show’s run.

Even though Christine no longer works at the brokerage, she remains closer friends with Chelsea Lazkani and Vanessa Villela, who she believes always have her back. The two will likely be part of Christine’s storyline in the upcoming season.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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