Christine Quinn quits Oppenheim Group, starts her own real estate company with husband Christian Richard

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn launches her own real estate company with her husband.
Christine Quinn becomes the CEO of her own real estate company. Pic credit: Netflix

Christine Quinn quickly became one of the most talked about cast members on Selling Sunset. The Netflix reality series follows a team of realtors working for the Oppenheim Group – a brokerage specializing in luxury homes in sunny California.

Bumping heads with most of her costars, Christine became the show’s villain. She’s been criticized for her over-the-top personality, however that never stopped her from being at the top of her game when it came to selling homes.

Now Christine is looking to break away from her coworkers and create her own real estate empire with her husband by her side.

Christine starts her own company with her husband, Christian

After five seasons of Selling Sunset, Christina has announced that she’s taking her career to the next level and becoming her own boss.

She shared the news on Instagram, revealing that her real estate company, RealOpen, has officially launched. In the caption, she gave her followers a brief introduction to the company. She wrote, “It took over a year of hard work and tenacity to create this platform and patent-pending technology to revolutionize the housing market.”

According to their website, RealOpen allows buyers to purchase a home using cryptocurrency. Potential buyers can use their own real estate agent, or work with one from the company. To qualify, users must link their crypto accounts to their RealOpen account and prove they have the necessary funds.

From there, they will be allowed to make an offer on their desired home and set any terms and conditions for buying. RealOpen will then translate the buyer’s crypto offer into a traditional dollar amount and present the bid to the seller. At the time of closing, buyers will sell the required amount of their cryptocurrency to cover the balance on their closing costs with the help of a RealOpen agent.

In her caption, she also stated, “Crypto is the new global financial system.” This move appears to be a passion project for Christine and her husband, who is deeply involved in the tech industry. The couple seem to be interested in being major pioneers in the growth of cryptocurrency.

Is Christine done with Selling Sunset?

Season 5 of Selling Sunset was just as explosive for Christine as previous seasons. She continued to argue with many of her coworkers and sadly ended some of her closest friendships. She became distant with members of the Oppenheim Group apart from newcomer, Chelsea Lazkani.

After sharing her feelings that she may have outgrown her time with the brokerage, starting RealOpen may be a sign that Christine is done with the show. Reports of her skipping out on the show’s first ever reunion special could also fuel rumors that she won’t be returning for the already renewed Season 6.

Christine has shared her thoughts on the direction of the Oppenheim Group and how she believes they not capitalizing on the crypto trend. She believes her new business venture is an opportunity to change the world of real estate while being her own boss.

Selling Sunset is streaming on Netflix.

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