Chrishell Stause claps back at bullying claims after premiere of Selling Sunset Season 5

Chrishell Stause on Selling Sunset.
Chrishell Stause is defending herself. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset Season 5 is currently airing on Netflix, and viewers have varying opinions about Chrishell Stause’s actions. 

The former soap opera star has come out of her shell and stood up against comments about her and her then-relationship with boss, Jason Oppenheim. 

Some viewers even deemed Chrishell Stause the new Selling Sunset villain, which she disagrees with. 

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Chrishell Stause doesn’t think she’s a bully 

Earlier this week, Chrishell Stause addressed the online chatter following the release of Selling Sunset Season 5. 

She took to her Instagram stories to talk about the feedback she’s seen online and the accusations that she’s “fake nice” or a “bully.” 

Chrishell said, “I just wanted to address something real quick. Every single season, I see this common thing every time that I’m actually, you know, not really nice, I’m fake nice and that I’m actually a bully or whatever.”

She continued, “Here’s the thing, to all the nice girls out there, listen, you try and be nice, you try and do the right thing. I’ve worked in this business a long time. I have kept so many friendships. I try and always be professional.”

The Selling Sunset star ended with, “At the end of the day, you don’t always have to be nice if somebody keeps pushing you and does not respect your boundaries and that is OK.”

Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn drama 

It’s clear that Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn will never be friends. 

Their drama continued throughout the show, and even though they didn’t share many scenes during Season 5, Christine’s comments bothered Chrishell. 

One particular one was about her relationship with Jason Oppenheim. Christine was complaining about not getting listings and Chrishell’s success. She joked it was because the latter was “f***ing the boss.” 

The Season 5 reunion was taped earlier this week, and Christine wasn’t there. She didn’t even show up on video, despite having the offer from production. Christine reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 and didn’t feel well enough to participate. 

Chrishell didn’t hesitate to call out her costar after Christine was spotted on a set just two days after the reunion taped. She was seated next to The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga. 

Despite all of the backlash for Chrishell Stause, she isn’t claiming the “bully” label and clapped back at the comments viewers made. 

Selling Sunset Season 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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Kathy Bagley (@Kmasumikaty)
Kathy Bagley (@Kmasumikaty)
1 year ago

Chrisell is NOT a bully. She is the real deal………