Chris Harrison made some unsettling claims about the future of Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison on the red carpet
Chris Harrison is no longer affiliated with The Bachelor franchise. Pic credit: Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Chris Harrison isn’t a part of Bachelor Nation anymore, but he still hears chatter about what’s going on in the franchise.

The former The Bachelor host has started opening up more about the series of shows that made him famous.

Recently, he even commented that he’s glad to be gone now.

He told Jason Tartick, “I knew I had to remove myself from what became a very toxic situation.”

And now that he’s gone, Chris is dishing dirt about the franchise because now that he’s not a part of any of the shows, he can share gossip about them whenever and wherever he pleases.

Which is what he did recently when talking about the future of Bachelor in Paradise, which may have some fans of the show nervous.

Chris Harrison hints at the demise of Bachelor in Paradise

It all went down on Friday on Chris Harrison’s The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever when he was chatting with Dean Bell (who changed his last name from Unglert when he got married).

Chris made some surprising statements about the future of Bachelor in Paradise, telling Dean, “I was a little bummed to hear that Paradise has allegedly been postponed. I think is the official way they’re saying it is. They’re postponing it for a year or canceling it.”

It turns out that Dean has heard the rumors, too, as he responded to Chris, saying, “I did hear some whispers about that.”

Chris followed with, “Obviously, either way, it’s never good in TV – we all know this business well enough that they don’t postpone shows that are doing great. But I was bummed to hear that.”

Is Bachelor in Paradise in trouble?

The last season of Bachelor in Paradise aired right after the premiere season of The Golden Bachelor, and it’s safe to say that the senior-led spinoff was the more popular show.

However, Bachelor in Paradise has been a mainstay for Bachelor Nation for many years now and it would be a shame to see it get postponed or canceled.

While there are certainly new shows in the works, with The Golden Bachelorette casting senior men now, there’s room in the franchise for everyone, and it would be nice to see everyone stay.

Plus, Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor is producing several potential Bachelor in Paradise stars.

We’d love to see Maria Georgas hit Mexico with her brazen and bold personality and a wardrobe that was simply made for the beach.

Jess is another standout that would create a buzz and get people talking. Not to mention Evalin and her athletic prowess.

If Bachelor in Paradise were to go, where would these ladies take their over-the-top antics?

We’re hopeful that the series is here to stay, but just putting word out there that the cancelation or postponement rumors have already started, and that makes us nervous for this Bachelor Nation staple.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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