Evalin is trying way too hard to get Joey’s attention on The Bachelor 

Evalin Clark on The Bachelor
Evalin is doing the most to get Joey’s attention on The Bachelor. Pic credit: Disney/John Fleenor

Evalin Clark started her The Bachelor journey on a high note.

Literally, she had to climb down just to greet Joey Graziadei when she rolled in for the limo entrances on a tennis umpire’s chair.

It all went downhill from there.

Evalin cried during the first rose ceremony because she didn’t get picked fast enough.

She literally shed tears over the idea that she might not get a rose when 10 of the 32 women who showed up for Season 28 of The Bachelor were sent home.

Even Evalin seemed to realize how ridiculous that was as she commented on her tears in a confessional after finally getting picked.

Evalin proved she could jump during The Bachelor’s first group date

Evalin was along for the first group date with Joey where the ladies all dressed in wedding dresses and enacted what their wedding day might be — if The Bachelor star was to marry several of them all at once anyway.

When it came time to be seated at the reception table, they had to play a game of Bridal Musical Chairs. When the music stopped, Evalin was nowhere near Joey, but she was dead set on sitting next to him.

So much so that she took a running leap across the table and almost took out another cast member in an effort to get that chair.

It didn’t work out for her, and Evalin ended up taking the last seat at the table, farthest from Joey.

But her big move was something that certainly made an impression on Joey and on The Bachelor viewers at home, who had a lot to say about her stunt.

The Bachelor viewers are stunned by Evalin’s stunt

Joey looked like he was in between shocked and impressed by Evalin’s jump over the table, and The Bachelor viewers were right there with him.

One X (formerly Twitter) user took to the social media platform with jokes, sharing a video of a man jumping over the bench to tackle a judge as she wrote, “Evalin on the wedding group date.”

Another shared Joey’s expression after Evalin’s big jump and wrote, “This man is FLABBERGASTED.”

Yet another commented on how she would act if she went as far to get next to a man only to end up at the end of the table.

And as another The Bachelor viewer pointed out, this moment of the show is a great one for those who are trying to convince their besties to watch with them. After all, this was pretty entertaining and one of the most shocking moments of Joey’s season so far.

They wrote, “imagine showing this photo to someone who doesn’t watch the show.”

It’s been entertaining, but there’s no question that Evalin has been overly dramatic. She did get Joey’s attention and earned a rose from him before the rose ceremony, which saved us all from watching her cry this week.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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