The Bachelor viewers can’t stand Jess – Check out the no mercy reaction when she opens up to Joey Graziadei

Jess on The Bachelor
Jess is a fan-favorite on The Bachelor — if we’re talking about who they love to hate. Pic credit: ABC

Jess Edwards has quickly become one of the least-liked cast members on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

She has a bold personality and looks a little bit like Susie Evans, but she’s not getting any of the love that Susie did, that’s for sure!

In Week 1, Jess angered the other ladies in the mansion when she interrupted Joey for a second sit down with him, and it didn’t stop there.

She’s certainly going for what she wants and isn’t holding back, which definitely puts Jess in the spotlight and not always in the greatest of ways.

So when Jess opened up to Joey in an emotional moment, The Bachelor viewers responded, and they definitely weren’t nice.

We expect more of that response from fans as the season rolls out.

Jess opened up about relationship trauma

When Jess got more time alone with Joey, she opened up about relationship trauma that was causing her to get nervous a bit about opening up to Joey.

She told Joey, “I have been through a lot in past relationships. Like I lost myself in my last relationship.”

In a nutshell, Jess said she essentially lost herself in a previous relationship due to her partner cheating. The big issue for her was that she “felt a spark right off the bat” with her ex, and she admitted she was feeling it fast for Joey, too.

Naturally, Joey empathized in the most perfect way, putting Jess at ease and helping her to admit that she feels safe around him.

It was kind of funny because, despite Joey really seeming to understand Jess’s pain, he used a famous Matt James line, “Thank you for sharing,” which was something viewers made fun of previously for being so impersonal and awkward. But Joey managed to do it in a way that felt really authentic.

Even though Joey had other exchanges that were just as sweet with other women on the group date, he ended up giving the group date rose to Jess, much to the disappointment of viewers, who just don’t want to see Jess win.

The Bachelor viewers go off about Jess and her rose

It’s a toss-up whether Bachelor Nation dislikes Jess or Maria more, but based on social media this week, it looks like Jess might be the most hated right now.

One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote, “Jess: *opens her mouth* Me:” and then added a Mean Girls clip that said, “Shut up.”

Another shared a similar sentiment, writing, “Jess… i genuinely don’t care.”

Yet another shared their reaction “when Jess speaks.”

When Joey gave her the group date rose, X (formerly Twitter) erupted, and the hate was palpable.

One viewer tweeted, “why does Joey like Jess so much…”

And the rest of the responses to Jess getting that rose followed suit.

So much so that one viewer even sided with Taylor simply because she doesn’t like Jess.

It’s a good thing Joey likes Jess because, right now, he might be the only one.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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