Bachelor Nation stars Susie Evans and Justin Glaze are dating

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze at a football game
Susie Evans and Justin Glaze have made their relationship official. Pic credit: @justinglaze/Instagram

What starts in Bachelor Nation stays in Bachelor Nation – or so it seems!

After failing to find love on their seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Susie Evans and Justin Glaze revealed they are now a couple.

It’s not the biggest surprise to hit Bachelor Nation.

Susie and Justin have been throwing us hints for a while now.

So when they did a collab advertisement for DenTek last week, their followers begged them to just come out with it and tell us what was happening.

That collab came a week after another one they did together for Sweethearts’ candies “Situationship” box, which already told us everything we needed to know.

None of that was new for these two because Justin and Susie went to a football game two months ago and shared that on Instagram.

But now, it seems the pair is ready to make things official – more official than a bunch of collabs that got them accused of trolling. Now, they are officially official.

Susie Evans and Justin Glaze share matching relationship announcements

It looks like Bachelor Nation was right about Susie Evans and Justin Glaze.

They were, in fact, dating and trolling fans while teasing their relationship before officially announcing that they were an item.

The timing is interesting (and perfect), considering that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so we fully expect more sponsored posts from the pair, but at least now we know why.

When coming clean about their love, Susie and Justin shared matching announcements featuring a photo of them embracing, another walking together arm-in-arm, and a video of the pair blowing bubbles.

They had matching captions too, writing, “Okay fine… y’all were right.”

It’s admittedly adorable, and they seem to be a great match for each other. We expect plenty of twinning from these two now that they have shared their secret with the world.

Bachelor Nation weighs in on Susie Evans and Justin Glaze’s relationship announcement

It seems that every Bachelor star but Susie Evans’ ex, Clayton Echard, has weighed in on the latest love announcement.

Many Bachelor Nation stars were quick to share their surprise and excitement or to tease that they may have already known about this budding romance.

Based on Susie’s comment section, it looks like some of her Bachelor colleagues possibly knew that love was growing between her and Justin.

Comments from supporters. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

It looks like Nick may already have Susie and Justin scheduled for an episode of the Viall Files, based on his comment.

And naturally, Jesse Palmer congratulated the new couple, making it seem like he already knew.

Bachelor Nation alums share their support. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Wells Adams, Tia Booth, and Tayshia Adams all shared comments that made it seem like they already knew what was happening.

Rachael Kirkconnell and Bennett Jordan also shared their excitement for the announcement.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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