The Bachelor spoilers: Joey Graziadei confronts Maria as drama erupts

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria Georgas is under fire after one of her Bachelor co-stars calls her a bully. Pic credit: ABC

Maria Georgas is getting the villain edit on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

She’s been bold from the beginning, demanding screentime and Joey’s attention.

That’s something that is clearly starting to rub others the wrong way.

It certainly didn’t help when Maria switched out of her wedding dress on last week’s episode and into “something comfortable.”

Her outfit change shocked Joey and the other women because it showed a lot of skin and proved she was there to be seen.

This week, Maria is in the hot seat because one of her Bachelor co-stars just won’t stop calling her out, and based on what we’ve seen, we can’t help but wonder which one of them is really the bully.

Maria is accused of being a bully and a mean girl on The Bachelor

We have two feuds brewing in The Bachelor mansion — one between Taylor and Jess and another with Sydney and Maria.

The drama between Sydney and Maria started in Episode 2 when Maria was accused of age-shaming Madina, something she claimed she did not do.

But Sydney won’t let it go, and she just keeps gunning for Maria.

In a sneak peek for Episode 3, we see that not only is Sydney still taking aim at Maria, but now she’s accusing her of bullying, too.

But the big question is whether Maria was really the bully or if Sydney was pulling a stunt like Kathy Swarts from The Golden Bachelor.

Based on what we saw, it looks like Joey is pretty irritated to be dealing with the girl drama after Sydney complains, and when he sits down with Maria to find out what is going on, he is not amused at all.

We’re getting a crossover from The Golden Bachelor

Speaking of mean girls, we’re getting a visit on the next episode from the ASKN crew on The Golden Bachelor.

April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Nancy Holkower will be popping in for a group date where they judge the Mrs. Right pageant, where eight women will show off their skills in hopes of wowing Joey.

The Golden Bachelor viewers will remember that it was Kathy Swarts who bullied Theresa Nist, accusing her of showing off her connection with Gerry Turner — a move that turned into a back and forth between the women and ultimately ended with Kathy going home.

She seems to have moved past that, though, because Kathy was at Gerry and Theresa’s wedding, along with other members of the ASKN crew.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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