Chloe Brown is done with ‘mean girl’ MAFS cast mates as she cuts them from her life

MAFS star Chloe Brown screenshot
Chloe Brown doesn’t speak to her MAFS co-stars. Pic credit: Lifetime

A lot has transpired between the Married at First Sight Season 17 cast since they filmed the show and we saw, at the reunion, how contentious things have become.

In the final episode for the season, the Where Are They Now special we’ll see what the Denver cast have been up to since they filmed the show.

A sneak peek updates Chloe Brown’s life post-show as the brunette beauty confesses she’s no longer in contact with Lauren Good, Emily Balch, Becca Haley, or Clare Kerr.

Chloe opened up about her relationship with the other women while chatting with Emily and Clare’s ex-husbands, Cameron Frazer and Brennan Shoykhet.

Not surprisingly, they are not on speaking terms with the women either after a heated altercation at the reunion.

During their chat, the trio called out the women’s “mean girls behavior” – a sentiment that’s also been expressed by MAFS viewers.

We’ll get their side of the story when the special airs tonight, but for now, you can check out Chloe’s update in this teaser.

Chloe Brown shares an update on her rocky relationship with the MAFS wives

Where Are They Now: To Hurt or To Heal is a telling title because some women have still not healed from their anger and bitterness.

The teasers show a chat between Chloe, Cameron, and Brennan as the men join her at an animal sanctuary and talks quickly turn to the other Season 17 wives.

“I have not actually spoken to the women. We went our separate ways many, many moons ago,” says Chloe.

“That makes three of us?” responds Cameron laughingly.

“We’ll just say that my life improved immensely when I removed myself from the women,” adds Chloe.

Brennan also chimes in as he reflects on the tumultuous reunion and expresses that the other wives showed their true colors on TV.

“They just exposed who they truly were,” notes the 29-year-old.

Chloe says the MAFS mean girls are using a burner account to bash her

During the conversation Chloe tells, Brennan and Cameron, “There is an account on Facebook… one of them has written the most horrifying things that you could possibly imagine about me.”

“I know for a fact it’s one of them with a burner account,” continues Chloe as she tells the women, “Be a grown-up!”

Brennan also chimes in, calling out the cast for their “middle school behavior.”

“It’s mean girl behavior,” retorts Chloe, “And here’s the deal, if you have not grown out of mean girl behavior…you’re not ready for marriage, you’re not ready for relationships of any kind.”

Are you surprised by what has transpired between Chloe and the other women? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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25 days ago

They all need to visit a refugee camp, a war front, a children’s cancer ward, a war crimes area, and grow up. You are all embarrassing yourselves.

23 days ago

I’m so glad that she got rid of and away from those nasty ladies cause Chloe was the mature one out of all of them