MAFS: Where Are They Now explains fallout between Chloe and the other wives

MAFS stars Chloe Brown and Lauren Good screenshot
Chloe Brown and Lauren Good are at odds. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s been a rocky road for Married at First Sight viewers, and we’re happy to declare that the end is near.

Denver is about to finish the season with the Where Are They Now special airing on Wednesday night.

A sneak peek for what’s to come shows where the former couples are months after filming the eight-week experiment.

Things have taken a turn between Chloe Brown and the other wives, as she accuses them of using a burner account to slader her on social media.

A possible date between Chloe’s ex-husband, Michael Shiakallis, and Lauren Good was the catalyst for the tumultuous relationship between the brunette beauty and the women.

For reference, the final episode was filmed one year after the couples walked down the aisle.

The Season 17 cast got married in January 2023, except for Chloe and Michael, and the Where Are They Now special was filmed in January 2024.

MAFS: Where Are They Now features fallout between Lauren and Chloe

MAFS Denver will give us a final hoorah before we bid them goodbye and never look back.

The Where Are They Now teaser shows a night out between Lauren, Michael, and Clare Kerr.

“You know the internet has been willing this,” Michael tells Lauren.

“Here we are,” responds Lauren.

The clip then cuts to a confessional of Lauren saying, “Chloe and I are no longer friends. She became very irate when I followed Michael on social media.”

Meanwhile, Chloe discusses her fallout with the girls during a meetup with Cameron Frazer and Brennan Shoykhet.

“One of them with a burner account has written the most horrifying things that you could possibly imagine about me.”

The MAFS wives are still angry months after filming the reunion

The Where Are They Now teaser shows a group catchup with the pink pact, proving they are still as angry as they were at the reunion.

“I have no ill will…” says Lauren, seemingly referencing her fallout with Chloe.

“I do,” Emily Balch chimes in. “I feel like it’s healthy to have a little bit of hate.”

“These women do not want to heal,” says Chloe in another scene. “I wish them everything they may need to be different people.”

Aside from the drama, we also noticed that Austin Reed has found love in the most obvious place. The MAFS star is now dating his female roommate after confessing at the reunion that he was seeing someone.

The clip shows the new couple hanging with Michael and Chloe while discussing their romance.

Chloe then comments on the situation, saying, “Who knows, before you know it, you’re in love with your roommate.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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