Chelsea Houska laughs at Adam Lind, feels ‘personally attacked’ by meme that reminded her of ex

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska had a laugh over a meme that included Adam Lind. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska had a laugh at her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind’s expense.

Chelsea came across a meme that was shared on Instagram that showed a picture of Adam from several years ago as he drove his car wearing white sunglasses.

The meme made fun of Adam’s fashion sense from back then with the caption, “Nobody:…Girl from high school on Facebook: Date night with this cutie.”

Chelsea had a good laugh at the meme and commented with several laughing face emojis.

She also chimed in and joked, “I feel like I’m being personally attacked here.”

Chelsea dated Adam when the two of them were in high school and she became pregnant with her eldest daughter Aubree.

Adam has been mostly uninvolved in Aubree’s life for the past several years and has even given up custody of his other daughter Paislee who he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur.

He and Chelsea rarely speak and Chelsea maintains most of her communication with Adam’s parents who Aubree still spends time with.

Chelsea Houska laughs at a meme of Adam Lind
Chelsea Houska laughs at the meme of Adam Lind. Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

Is Adam Lind still a part of Aubree’s life?

While Adam has had rights to visitation with Aubree, fans watched over several seasons of Teen Mom 2 as he often let her down and didn’t show up to scheduled visits.

Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer often stepped up in Adam’s absence, even taking Aubree to several father-daughter dances in Adam’s place.

Aubree continued to spend time with Adam’s parents but as she’s gotten older, she’s voiced to Chelsea that she preferred to stay home with her and Cole and her other siblings. Chelsea battled with the decision to modify the custody agreement to allow Aubree to spend more time at home.

Adam reached out to Aubree on her cell phone a handful of times, but the conversations were often short and lacked much depth which saddened Chelsea for her daughter.

While Adam walked away from custody of his other daughter Paislee, he has yet to do the same for Aubree.

Adam Lind deals with legal trouble

Adam has had his fair share of legal issues throughout the years, but most recently, a warrant was issued for his arrest back in March.

The warrant claimed that Adam “failed to comply with the court’s order for compliance” by not paying child support to Chelsea, according to The Sun.

Adam’s bail was reportedly set at $2,000 and the warrant stated that “upon release by court, the bond will be paid over to the Division of Child Support to be applied towards” his debt.

In August last year, Adam was arrested for reportedly not paying the support he owed.

Chelsea has long moved on from Adam and now leads a successful life with her husband and her children.

Even though she is no longer filming Teen Mom 2, Chelsea keeps fans updated on her various business ventures and life events through social media.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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