Charlie Davis from Survivor 46 thanks fans for their support

Charlie Davis Fiji Survivor
Survivor 46 featured a huge Taylor Swift fan in Charlie Davis. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Many Survivor fans have been sharing their support of Charlie Davis on social media.

Now Charlie has taken to Instagram to thank his fans, family, friends, and fellow castaways for supporting him on the journey.

Charlie also wrote glowingly about his girlfriend and the production team at Survivor.

Charlie’s thankful Instagram post includes photos from Fiji and when he returned to the United States.

Many Survivor 46 castaways are featured in Charlie’s photo dump – and so are some very organized bookshelves.

“Survivor fans – please do not read any drama into this photo selection. I have so many photos, too many for one post!” Charlie posted.

Charlie Davis gives thanks for the support he received in playing Survivor

“What an unbelievable ride! I’m so honored to have been part of an epic season of Survivor. I am proud of the game I played, and I’m grateful for every last moment,” Charlie wrote on Instagram.

“I love Survivor so much, and it gave me some unforgettable thrills! On one hand, falling just shy of the win sucks, but, on the other hand, I squeezed just about every last drop out of the beautiful game. I cannot wait for the next adventure!” Charlie elaborated in his post.

Charlie came very close to becoming the Survivor 46 winner. He made it to the final three but came up short with the jury votes, losing to Kenzie Petty in a 5-3 decision.

Still, Charlie became a fan-favorite on the show, and many Survivor fans would want to see him play the game again. Maybe on Survivor 50?

“Thank you to my amazing girlfriend for single-handedly keeping me sane over the past year,” Charlie wrote to his girlfriend.

“Thank you to my mom, dad, and sister for being the craziest/most supportive fans,” he wrote to his family.

Charlie was also thankful for the Survivor fans who have supported him at every step – even on social media following the recent season finale.

“Thank you [to] all the fans who brought the love and support,” Charlie wrote about the fans.

More from Charlie and the Survivor 46 cast

Charlie recently shared a video of himself singing in the shower. He chose a Taylor Swift song to express his feelings about Maria Gonzalez not voting for him to win Survivor.

Kenzie Petty got married after she returned home from Fiji. The Survivor 46 winner is back to living her best life.

Liz Wilcox has also revealed a huge life event. She is beginning a new chapter in life.

Below is a photo Charlie shared of many Survivor 46 castaways outside an Applebee’s.

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