Cashay, Cinco, Javonny, Shannon and Josh go live, Love Island USA fans call it the ‘real finale’

Love Island USA Islanders
Love Island USA Islanders. Pic credit: CBS

The Love Island USA Season 3 finale was on Sunday night and fans got to see who won.

However, another group of fans was watching something else.

Cashay Proudfoot, Cinco Holland, Javonny Vega, and Shannon St. Clair were watching the finale on Instagram Live and live chatting through the finale.

Fans called it the “real finale” of Love Island USA.

Love Island USA Instagram Live

Cashay, Cinco, Javonny, and Shannon watched the finale while also talking about their time together on the island.

This happened on Cashay’s account, which had the most followers of all the people involved in the live chat (273,000).

They talked about their time on the island, including Shannon talking to Javonny about all the girls wanting him at Casa Amor.

They also talked about how they were all cheering for Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy to win the entire thing.

Meanwhile, fans said that this was the real finale of Love Island USA.

Instagram Live Love Island USA finale
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Love Island USA fans paying more attention to Instagram

People swept to Instagram to watch the four fan favorites talking during the finale, showing where the real stars were.

“The live on Instagram is better than this two hour finale,” wrote @SamKurahashi on Twitter.

“Javonny, Cinco and Cash all on Instagram live right now while the finale on #loveislandusa,” wrote @livsrenae on Twitter.

The eliminated Love Island USA Islanders

The eliminated Love Island USA Islanders that fans loved were all together watching.

Cashay Proudfoot was eliminated when Charlie Lynch chose to hook up with Alana Paolucci.

While fans were angry, Cash said she was ready to go.

Up next was Cinco Holland. He was hooking up with Cash and then moved on to Trina Njoroge. He then broke Trina’s heart to go back to Cash, but she dumped him for Charlie.

Cinco left as someone fans were tired of, but Cash then hooked up with him again when she left.

Shannon left after tragedy struck and Josh’s sister Lindsey Goldstein died.

Javonny was eliminated by the Islanders but he could have found lots of love in Casa Amor if he had stayed.

Now, all four are fan favorites off the island and their Instagram Live during the finale shows how much the fans love and miss them, compared to the remaining Islanders fighting for the money.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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