Carrington Rodriguez didn’t impress Laurel Goldman’s parents with his antics but his instagram pictures will make you swoon

Carrington Rodriguez has had his share of connections in the villa. Pic Credit: CBS

Laurel Goldman learned Love Island isn’t all fun and games this week. The point of Love Island USA is to explore all connections to find the one that will last on the outside.

Although Laurel was brought into the Las Vegas villa by Carrington Rodriguez, he was still testing their relationship all the way up to the last recoupling.

Carrington has explored multiple potential matches and he thought he found what he was looking for at Casa Amor.

His head was turned… again

Carrington’s nickname isn’t ‘date guy’ for nothing. He’s been on the most dates on the island and is definitely used to weighing out his options.

He told Laurel it would take a lot to turn his head, but that’s exactly what new girl Lakeyn Call did. Carrington says his connection with Laurel is strong, however, he felt the instant spark he was missing with Lakeyn.

Not only did they have that romantic spark, Lakeyn got Carrington to open up more in one day than Laurel had in two weeks. The two connected over their divorced parents and autism in their families.

In the last recoupling of the season, Carrington shocked viewers by choosing with Laurel. In fact, his choice to remain with Laurel shocked both girls as well.

It was time to meet the family

This week in the accelerated love experiment, it was time to meet the parents. Viewers have already admitted to thinking Carrington was as ‘deep as a puddle’, so he was worried about what her parents might think.

Carrington was nervous to meet Laurel’s parents, and rightfully so. Like America, the parents have been watching every episode to see how their children were being treated in the Love Island villa.

Laurel broke down in tears to her parents as she explained how hard it was for her to see him getting to know another girl in front of her.

Her family admitted that Carrington’s actions have made them very emotional in the last week.

Her mother reminded Carrington, “When you made her cry all week, we were all crying too.”

He ends the call convincing her parents that he realized Laurel is the one for her and will work toward making up for it.



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Although he’s from a small state, he has a big-time presence on Instagram.

Using his chiseled jawline and boyish good looks, he has a whopping 58,000 followers on the social media platform already, with more being added each day.

The 22-year-old sales manager has had a couple of tries at love in the Villa but has he found it with the beauty from Alabama?

Do you think Carrington and Laurel’s relationship will last on the outside?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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