Love Island USA: Two new girls get the guys’ blood pumping when they enter the Villa

Lauren and Carrington on Love Island USE
Lauren and Carrington on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

It’s about to get real hot in the Villa on Love Island: USA!

That’s because two smoking hot women are about to walk in and put the guys to the ultimate test.

With one dressed as an angel and another dressed as a devil, the ladies do everything they can to turn on the already coupled-up boys.

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Naturally, the girls aren’t happy about their guys getting some seriously sexy lap dances, but Love Island is the name of the game. If it weren’t for temptation cropping up around every corner, the CBS series wouldn’t be as much fun to watch.

The girls are nervous about the angel and devil entering the Villa

As soon as the new girls entered, those who have been in the Villa made it clear that they were not happy to see their competition.

The guys looked absolutely thrilled to see them walking through the door, though.

“Watch yourself! Watch yourself!” Justine can be heard saying, and it’s not clear if she was talking to the boys or these new girls who were there to try to steal their partners.

In the latest Love Island USA preview, they came in hot and heavy, immediately putting the moves on the boys and even teaming up on Bennett, who had recently coupled up with Kierstan.

“I’m going to throw up! I’m literally nauseous,” Cely said while walking away from the excitement.

It’s like Mercades all over again, and if either of these girls goes after Johnny, she’s going to freak out.

Heart rates on the rise

It looks like all the girls will get a chance to impress the boys, not just the new ones. The boys will be raising heart rates too.

But do they have what it takes to raise their love interest’s heart rate? Or will they be surprised by who gets their blood pumping?

Part of the results have been revealed, and they might surprise Love Island USA fans.

For example, the fact that Calvin raised Laurel’s heart rate the most, not Carrington.

And when it came to Carrington, Laurel isn’t winning this round either. Instead, it’s the new girl in red. Apparently, he likes a little bit of devilish behavior.

The new girls seem to have their eyes on Carrington and Calvin. They even discussed Calvin’s boyish looks at length, talking about how cute he is.

But Moira isn’t ready to let her flame take off with someone new. She even mentioned that “a little competition” is exactly what she needs in order to turn things up. So get ready to see Moira throw herself at Calvin in order to keep him out of another girl’s arms and to keep herself in the Villa.

Check out this brand new Love Island USA preview and be sure to tune in tonight to see what happens.

Love Island USA - Sorry, But The Tweets Don't Lie

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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