Caroline Manzo’s step-niece Danielle Cabral unfollowed her after she helped get her cast on RHONJ

RHONJ stars Caroline Manzo and Danielle Cabral close-up
Danielle Cabral is related to Caroline Manzo. Pic credit: @daniellecabralofficial/Instagram/Charles Sykes/Bravo

In things we did not know, The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Danielle Cabral has an OG connection.

The Boujiee Mama is the step-niece of Caroline Manzo, who starred in the show from seasons one to five.

However, their relationship took a turn for the worse after Caroline helped her get cast on the popular Bravo series.

Caroline recently discussed her connection to the new fan favorite Housewife and explained how she played a role in getting her on the show.

However, when the mom of two eventually got the gig, she unfollowed Caroline and her entire family.

The 61-year-old dished about that during a recent interview with Jeff Lewis.

Caroline Manzo helped her step-niece Danielle Cabral get cast on RHONJ

The former RHONJ star divulged during the chat that she’s related to Danielle Cabral.

“I’m one of the reasons Danielle’s on that show,” said Caroline, who further explained that Andy had a conversation with her about Danielle when they were considering her for the show.

Caroline said Danielle called her and her daughter Lauren to get their feedback on what to expect from being on the franchise and that they were “brutally honest” with her about their experiences.

However, Danielle was eventually cast and decided to distance herself from the Manzos.

Caroline Manzo says Danielle Cabral unfollowed her and never said thank you

Caroline continued to talk about the situation with Danielle and noted that things took a turn after she got cast on RHONJ.

“I guess she got the gig whatever, and then, strangely she unfollowed all of us, including my niece and everything, and never thanked anybody, nothing!” said Caroline.

As for why Danielle wanted to distance herself from the Manzo family? Well, her now close ties with Teresa Giudice could be a reason.

Teresa and Caroline are sworn enemies and have spewed nasty accusations at each other over the years.

“Maybe she doesn’t like the reference of her name and my name attached,” reasoned Caroline, who admitted that she never had a close relationship with the newbie but would see her at family gatherings.

Meanwhile, the former Housewife has no hard feelings despite Danielle’s shady behavior.

“I’m not throwing shade or anything I’m just telling you facts…I’m a pretty big reason why she’s on the show” added Caroline.

“I’m glad she’s doing what she always wanted to do,” Caroline continued. “She always wanted to be in the public eye and stuff like that, so I’m glad she finally has the opportunity to do that.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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