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Captain Lee Rosbach reveals the biggest chef meltdown he witnessed on Below Deck

Captain Lee has one Below Deck outburst that stands out as the worst.
Captain Lee has seen a lot of tantrums over the years on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has revealed the biggest chef meltdown he witnessed on Below Deck, and his answer might surprise fans.

Chef tantrums and freakouts have become one hot topic thanks to Below Deck Mediterranean chef Tom Checketts. Malia White’s former boyfriend has struggled with the job since replacing fired chef Kiko Lorran.

Night one, Tom lost it because of a last-minute cake order. Pretty much every episode since, it seems like Tom has had a meltdown over everything from slicing cucumbers to inadequate provisions.

After eight seasons on Below Deck, Captain Lee has seen plenty of chef outburst. The captain is now dishing on what he thought was the worst.

A below chef had an intense meltdown.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, one fan wanted to know if Captain Lee had ever witnessed behavior as bad as Tom’s.

“The biggest one I ever experienced was with Ben Robinson. I think it was Season 2,” the captain shared. “We were just really having a tough time. He was under a lot of pressure, and things were not going well. I believe we aired every bit of that footage.”

Captain Lee always gives an honest answer while keeping it classy. He didn’t throw chef Ben, a fan favorite, under the bus. The captain’s honesty and integrity are one of the many things fans like about it.

Fans recently praised Captain Lee for expressing his opinion of Hannah Ferrier’s firing for having drugs on The Wellington with grace.

What is chef Ben’s moment Captain Lee called the worst?

Although Captain Lee didn’t reveal the specific incident, it is not hard for fans to figure the out. Ben trashed the galley during Season 2 after charter guest, Timothy Sykes, complained to the captain, giving Ben a terrible review.

Timothy even reduced The Ohana crew’s tip, claiming the group’s food preferences were not adhered to by the chef.

Timothy felt his girlfriend’s preference for chicken fingers and quesadillas over five-star cuisine were ignored.

The chef threw pots and pans all over the galley after the group of guests left the yacht. Even Ben’s pal, Eddie Lucas, returning for Season 8 of Below Deck, couldn’t calm the chef down.

Ben was upset because he felt there was a lack of communication between Timothy and him.

There is no question that Captain Lee Rosbach is a big fan of chef Ben Robinson. However, that didn’t stop the captain from labeling Ben with the biggest chef meltdown Captain Lee had ever witnessed on the Bravo show.

Below Deck Season 8 premieres on Monday, November 2, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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