Captain Lee Rosbach reveals fight that ended friendship with Summer House’s Carl Radke: ‘He just went off’

Captain Lee Rosbach and Carl Radke on WWHL
Captain Lee sets the record straight on Carl pulling his interview. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Captain Lee Rosbach has revealed what ended his friendship with Summer House’s Carl Radke.

Captain Lee and Carl became close friends when the captain reached out to the Summer House star after he lost his brother to addiction.

Below Deck fans know that Captain Lee lost his son Joshua to addiction.

However, it seems the once close friends are no longer on speaking terms over a podcast interview.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Carl was set to be on Captain Lee’s podcast weeks after calling off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard.

The episode was pulled the day before it was scheduled after clips had been released to the media, and Captain Lee told fans to ask Carl why.

Now, we are finally getting answers.

Captain Lee Rosbach reveals fight that ended friendship with Summer House’s Carl Radke

This week on Captain Lee’s podcast, Salty with Captain Lee, he and his co-host Sam DeCavalcanti discussed various Bravo topics when the Summer House Season 8 finale was brought up.

Captain Lee then finally shared what really went down with Carl axing his podcast episode and their friendship.

“Carl and I used to be close. I gave Carl an opportunity to be on the podcast and tell it as he saw it. If there was a question he wanted taken off, we took it off,” Captain Lee shared. “If there was something he didn’t want to answer, we didn’t put him on the spot, we didn’t hang him out to dry. It was a softball interview if I’ve ever seen one. I would have never done something intentionally to put Carl on the spot.”

The episode was recorded during BravoCon with Captain Lee revealing the preview clips were leaked before the episode was pulled. Suddenly Captain Lee got a phone call from Carl and the Summer House star was outraged.

“I got a phone call, he just went off, how I was trying to take advantage of him and put him on the spot. His publicist was there, as was mine, you were there. I was blown away. I don’t know what made him go off the way he went off or why he thought what he was thinking,” the captain expressed.

Carl Radke hung up on Captain Lee Rosbach

Sam interjected to clarify that nothing bad happened during the interview. Carl didn’t say anything bad about Lindsay or paint her in a bad light.

Captain Lee explained he had no idea what Carl was thinking or why he would have gone off on him. When Carl told the captain he didn’t want the interview aired, Captain Lee agreed to pull it immediately.

“He ended up hanging up on me after accusing me of deceiving him. Mr. Radke, you were never deceived by me,” Captain Lee stated. “I thought we had a very solid relationship considering our background together. No good deed goes unpunished.”

The Deadly Waters star explained the reason he’s setting the record straight has to do with things he’s seen and read lately.

What do you think about what Captain Lee has said about Carl?

To listen to the full episode of Salty with Captain Lee, click here.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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