Captain Lee reminds Below Deck fans of Ashton Pienaar, Dane Jackson, and Kevin Dobson’s drunken actions

Captain Lee Rosbach reflects on past Below Deck crew's drunken behavior.
Captain Lee defends Rachel’s behavior by calling out past Below Deck crew members. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach took time to remind Below Deck fans of Ashton Pienaar, Dane Jackson, and Kevin Dobson’s drunken actions on the Bravo show.

The captain’s message comes after fans were blasting Season 8 chef Rachel Hargrove, who continues to get hammered on the crew’s day off. Rachel’s shenanigans while intoxicated have caused quite a stir among the My Seanna crew too.

Bosun Eddie Lucas and Francesca Rubi even expressed their concern to Captain Lee following the beach day debacle. Rachel’s actions included ruining a crew dinner by blasting James Hough.

In his blog, Captain Lee set the record straight on how he truly feels regarding Rachel’s behavior.

Captain Lee likes chef Rachel not drunk Rachel

Despite Rachel quitting abruptly in a rage-filled rant, Captain Lee remains a fan of the chef. The reason he likes her so much has everything to do with her cooking. Rachel’s day off behavior may be questionable, but her culinary skills rock.

Just because the captain finds Rachel an extraordinary chef doesn’t mean he accepts her drunken behavior.

“While I didn’t approve of all that Rachel did on her day off, I can certainly say it wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen. In fact, far from it,” Captain Lee wrote.

Calling out Ashton Kevin and Dane

Captain Lee didn’t leave fans hanging regarding the worst drunken behavior he has witnessed on Below Deck.

“Have we all forgotten about Dane in the Bahamas,” the captain asked in his blog.

Fans will recall Season 3 deckhand Dane Jackson became so enraged and drunk that he was forced to leave a crew night out. Captain Lee fired Dane the very next day.

Season 7 bosun Ashton and chef Kevin also top the captain’s list of horrific drunken behavior on the show.

“How about Mr. Kevin Dobson, our chef who thought it was cute to kick sand in the face of our chief stew,” Captain Lee stated. “Or Ashton who tried to assault our chief stew. Oh, and by the way, destroyed over 2K in DJ equipment on a crew day off at the pool? We do sometimes have short memories, don’t we?”

There’s no question Season 7 of Below Deck displayed the most toxic, misogynistic, aggressive drunken behavior ever displayed on the Bravo show.

Captain Lee Rosbach isn’t the only member of the Below Deck family who recalled previous bad behavior on the show. Courtney Skippon and Kate Chastain also stuck up for Rachel by pointing out male crew members’ drunken shenanigans.

Rachel Hargrove and her drinking have become one hot topic for Season 8. She has no regrets about her actions despite the fan backlash.

What do you think of Rachel’s drinking storyline and all the hoopla surrounding it?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

Don’t embarrass the boat, and don’t embarrass yourself….those are Capt Lees rules. Without a doubt, Rachel should have been fired…once for lashing out at Capt Lee and leaving, and again when she embarrassed herself AND the boat !! Being a great chef in the Captains eyes, doesn’t alleviate the fact she screwed up big time !!

Peter Vita
Peter Vita
3 years ago

shes a great chef and most great chefs either drink, smoke weed or do other forms of stress relief….If you have ever worked as chef then you know, she drinks on her day off and she shows up to work and kicks ass so what if she embarrass herself as long as shes not hurting anybody or herself