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Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove dishes James Hough dinner blowup

Below Deck's Rachel Hargrove shares true feelings about James Hough.
Rachel destroyed James in a drunken stupor on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Rachel Hargrove has dished about the James Hough dinner blowup that went down on Below Deck.

After a beach day full of drinking, the chef was feeling no pain. Rachel’s drinking has become a sore spot with some crew members, like Eddie Lucas and Francesca Rubi. The bosun and chief stew even talked to Captain Lee Rosbach following the crew day off that ended with Rachel blasting James at dinner.

Rachel called him a “douche” and expressed her disappointment in Elizabeth Frankini for hooking up with the deckhand. James and Rachel had a heated exchange before he walked away. Then, Rachel left the table with Elizabeth in tow.

The entire scene was embarrassing to the rest of the My Seanna crew. Rachel recently revealed how she truly feels about James.

What does Rachel think of James?

In an interview with POPlitically Incorrect podcast, Rachel admitted she actually does like the British deckhand.

“‘I don’t dislike James at all, I like James, it’s just that when James came in at the very beginning, he was like, ‘I’m on holiday. That bird’s fit!'” Rachel shared.

If she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards the deckhand, then why did Rachel destroy him at dinner? The chef expressed James was still a douche and annoyed her, that’s why.

“He just annoys me because he does come into the galley and just stands there sometimes like he’s posing,” the chef explained. “He does this blue steel face all the time towards the camera, and I’m like, “B***h, wash! He’s actually a nice guy. I don’t hate James at all. He’s a douche. I can still like you if you’re a douche. It’s totally fine.”

My Seanna crew weighs in on Rachel clashing with James

On the Below Deck Season 8 After Show, the rest of the My Seanna crew weighed in on Rachel clashing with James.

Francesca and Ashling Lorger agreed it was not cool to talk about someone when the person was sitting right there. Ashling even went as far as to compare it to bullying.

James admitted he wasn’t sure why Rachel turned on him.

“I figured it was just the alcohol, so I didn’t pay much attention,” he shared.

Eddie had more of an issue with Elizabeth for not sticking up for James as Rachel lashed out at him. James did agree that Elizabeth should have had his back more.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she declared she was friends with Rachel and focused on what her friend was saying. The stew also didn’t think James could hear what Rachel was saying until he chimed in.

Izzy Wouters thinks Rachel was simply protective of Elizabeth, but the chef could also have handled it better.

Oh, the Below Deck drama! Rachel Hargrove has certainly given fans some entertaining and shocking moments when she is liquored up.

Are you Team James or Team Rachel?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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