Cameron Hardin speaks to fans about Reindeer Games and reveals what shows he wants to go on next

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Big Brother alum Cameron Hardin just appeared on Reindeer Games. Pic credit: CBS

Cameron Hardin is fresh off getting eliminated from Big Brother: Reindeer Games. And he hosted a live chat with his fans this week.

On the season premiere of Reindeer Games, the other players teamed up to get Cameron out first. And Xavier Prather made it official by beating him in Santa’s Showdown.

Since the Big Brother spin-off was pre-taped, Cameron is already home. This gives him time to chat with the fans, many of whom were disappointed he got eliminated early on Reindeer Games.

“I was disappointed in Reindeer Games,” Cameron stated early in the chat. The chat took place on TikTok on the night of Wednesday, December 13.

He stated that “the coolest part” was chatting with his fellow players after they got eliminated. Cameron had many glowing things to say about Taylor Hale.

Cameron called Taylor a “goddess” as he talked about spending time with her recently.

“I love every one of them so much,” Cameron said about the Reindeer Games cast.

“Danielle’s awesome,” Cameron added later, saying he texted her “last night” because he missed her. Danielle Reyes is also a Reindeer Games cast member.

Reindeer Games was a difficult time for Cameron Hardin

He added that the Reindeer Games experience was “nerve-wracking” and that he was in awe of the other players.

A fan asked who Cameron wished he would have connected with more. He didn’t have much of an answer, stating that he already “connects” with most of them.

“I talk to Red, basically every single day,” Cameron answered when asked about his pal from Big Brother 25.

What reality TV show does Cameron want to do next?

“Absolutely,” Cameron answered when asked if he would go on Survivor.

Caleb Reynolds appeared on Big Brother 16 before playing on Survivor. And Cirie Fields recently came over from Survivor to Big Brother 25.

He later added that he would love to do The Amazing Race with Red Utley. Cameron stated he would “jump on it” as soon as they called.

He also answered “absolutely” when asked if he would do Big Brother again. One fan even joked about him returning for Big Brother 26.

Cirie recently revealed she wants to be on The Amazing Race and even teased who she wants her partner to be on the show.

Cameron enjoys reality television, so Reindeer Games likely isn’t his last appearance on TV.

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Here is the full schedule for Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Many episodes are still left to air before they crown a winner.

Previous episodes are also available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 26 airs in Summer 2024 on CBS.

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