Blue Kim reveals her game strategy to Big Brother camera

Blue BB25
The Big Brother 2023 cast features Blue Kim. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Blue Kim came clean to the Big Brother live feed cameras on Wednesday night.

With a chance to speak to the live feeds while in the HOH Room, Blue took full advantage of her time.

Jared Fields and Blue have been involved in a showmance, but cracks in that relationship have become apparent.

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Blue has even noted that she will turn on Jared at some point, even though the moment hasn’t come yet.

Fans wondering why Blue is still with Jared may have learned some clues from her camera talk.

And it might be just a matter of time until Blue can make her big move in the game.

Big Brother live feeds camera chat with Blue

In this first video clip, Blue exudes much confidence in her gameplay. Her language gets a bit colorful as she brags about being in a good position.

Blue also details how she can use Jared as a shield who will take shots at other houseguests.

“Why would I get him out of the house when he is a good number for me,” Blue states.

“He’ll take shots at people for me. Like, eventually, I’m gonna want Cory out, right? Eventually, I’m gonna want Jag out. Eventually, I’m gonna want Matt out,” Blue elaborated.

Blue also states that her romantic relationship with Jared is real.

The latest episode of Big Brother shows how Jared speaks to Blue, giving CBS viewers more insight into their relationship.

It led to many fans reacting on social media.

Several fans even suggested that Blue needs to “run” away from Jared. She appears content to stick it out and possibly leave the Big Brother house in a relationship.

More from Big Brother 25

The Big Brother live feeds revealed eviction plans for next week from many houseguests.

They are looking past the upcoming eviction and trying to prepare for what comes next.

A Double Eviction happens on September 21, so the timetables of those plans may need to be adjusted.

Plans are already set for the first eviction.

The Felicia vs. Cirie war in the house could cause short-term consequences for larger alliances.

As a reminder, eviction episodes are now at 8/7c each Thursday night. CBS has had to adjust its Fall 2023 schedule due to NFL action and the return of many other shows.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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2 months ago

If only these people played the game for themselves to win. I guess they dont need the money just a few weeks of screen fame!

2 months ago

She definitely needs to run and run fast and as far away as she can go to get away from that dude!! Bad news!