Blac Chyna responds after alleged shade from Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick

Blac Chyna AKA Angela White
Blac Chyna is happy to have so many people involved in Dream’s life. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, came forward after some comments on the latest episode of The Kardashians were taken out of context and appeared to throw shade at her.

In Thursday’s episode of the reality show, Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick were discussing Dream’s birthday party, and the topic of how involved Khloe is in Dream’s life came up.

Scott referred to Khloe as a third parent for Dream, and Khloe didn’t deny it, noting she needed a “great maternal influence.”

Although the comments looked shady to viewers, it’s nothing but love from Chyna on her end of things.

She spoke to TMZ Friday and revealed that she’s happy that Dream has such a support system and is ready to let the negativity be done away with.

“Everything is good on both ends, we are all family at the end of the day. Robert and myself are co-parenting the best we can and it’s all love and positivity,” she revealed.

She continued, “As mentioned, it takes a village to raise a child and I’m happy that Dream has a huge village full of love from both sides, as a mother that’s all I ask for. … Let’s stop dragging the negativity on and all move forward.”

Blac Chyna and Khloe Kardashian are ready to move on from the drama

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Khloe is also prepared to move on from the drama-filled past and start anew with Chyna.

Okay, so maybe they won’t heal their relationship — as Khloe said, it is hard to have a relationship with someone after they’ve sued you, but the negative feelings don’t seem to be there on either side.

Chyna also revealed that she was ready to let the past be the past and that she has no negativity toward the Kardashian-Jenner family despite the lawsuit.

In rebranding herself, Chyna was ready to let go of the drama and simply move forward to do her best for her kids.

Blac Chyna is going by Angela White now

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Blac Chyna was changing her public image and returning to her roots, which includes going by her birth name and getting rid of some of her cosmetic procedures.

She said the biggest reason for her changes was to be a good example for her kids, but she also noted that being baptized last year had a really positive impact on her life and has changed her perspective on a lot of things.

Chyna seems genuinely ready to start a new chapter in her life, and we’re here to support her as she goes from Chyna to Angela and does her best to let go of the past.

The Kardashians are now streaming on Hulu with new episodes every Thursday.

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