Khloe Kardashian shares love for Blac Chyna after Scott Disick shade

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian is done with the Chyna drama. Pic credit: Hulu

Khloe Kardashian came forward with a statement regarding Blac Chyna after Scott Disick threw some shade at the former reality star.

Khloe wanted to address the situation following the most recent episode of The Kardashians, ensuring that “something so sweet as Dream’s 6th birthday” wasn’t “getting twisted” into something negative.

She took to her Instagram Stories in a since-expired post to note that both her brother Rob and his ex Chyna were doing their best as parents for Dream, and there was no reason for anyone to be pitted against each other.

“We are ALL trying to do our best in life,” Khloe noted, adding, “Our children are healthy and happy! Most of all they are LOVED!! Loved by everyone in our tribe.”

She also addressed the family drama between The Kardashians and Chyna and noted how they all want to move on from the past.

“I’m sure the narrative of ‘The Kardashians VS Cyna’ is more fun to read about but there really is nothing there anymore,” she revealed, adding that they’re ready to “move on from the negativity.”

“The focus is on Dream and her happiness and making sure she feels unconditional love at her mommy’s house, her daddy’s house and any family members house for that matter.”

She closed her post with an ask: “Please stop pinning us against each other.”

She continued, “life is hard enough,” and it’s best to try to move forward “with love and understanding especially when children are involved.” She noted that it’s entirely possible that Dream could see the “clickbait” one day and didn’t seem to want to continue any negative talk.

To view Khloe’s since-expired Instagram Story, click here.

Scott Disick throws shade at Blac Chyna

Khloe’s post came after the latest episode of The Kardashians aired, in which Scott threw a little shade toward Blac Chyna.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Scott referred to Khloe as Dream’s third parent and the one that keeps things moving as a responsible parent.

While Khloe partially agreed with his comments, she insisted that she was more of a “third wheel” and that caring for Dream just came easy for her due to her natural maternal instinct.

Still, Khloe couldn’t deny that there was some truth to Scott’s comments.

Blac Chyna and the Kardashians are not on speaking terms

Blac Chyna recently stated that she has no negative feelings toward the Kardashian-Jenner family but also admitted that she hasn’t talked to any of them in years.

Khloe echoed this sentiment on the show, noting that she hasn’t had a relationship with Chyna since her lawsuit against the family.

Regardless, it seems that Khloe doesn’t hold too many negative feelings toward Chyna as she wasn’t all-in about shading Rob’s ex with Scott, so clearly, there has been some healing there despite the lawsuit.

The Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu with new episodes every Thursday.

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