Billy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Fans share theories on why Captain Glenn’s drug search of guest’s cabin was a bust

Billy on below deck Sailing Yacht was accused of having drugs on yacht.
Captain Glenn’s search of Billy’s cabin for drugs offended the charter guest. Pic credit: Bravo

Billy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was accused of having illegal drugs onboard the Parsifal III, but Captain Glenn Shephard’s search came up with nothing.

Fans immediately flooded social media with theories on the hot topic after the season finale of the Bravo show.

Chief stew Jenna MacGillivray shared with the captain that she and deckhand Chris Miller thought Billy was on drugs. Chris claimed to see powder under Billy’s nose, and Jenna agreed the group was high.

Billy agreed to the cabin search but was arrogant and rude while Captain Glenn was riffing through his things. Later, Billy let the captain know how angry he was that a search had been conducted in the first place. He even said that it had ruined his luxury vacation.

Why did Captain Glenn not find any drugs?

There are a couple of fan theories floating around Twitter regarding why there were no drugs in Billy’s cabin.

One is that he honestly never had any illegal substance on Parsifal III. Billy did admit he was extremely drunk on the night Jenna and Chris began to question whether he was on drugs.

Another theory is that Billy had used all of his drugs the day before, and that’s why the search turned up nothing.

Twitter agrees that the result was lackluster after all the buildup. A majority of viewers thought that Billy did have drugs, but the resolution of the situation was boring at best, especially for a season finale.

Did Jenna lie about seeing Billy on drugs?

There is no question Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers have had it out for Jenna all season. Her romance with chef Adam Glick enraged fans, and the chief stew has even been bullied online.

One Twitter user accused Jenna of lying about what she saw to take Captain Glenn’s focus off of her and Adam. It is quite the claim, but a few users think it’s true.

After all, the good captain literally had it out with Jenna over her romance hours earlier and she was beyond disrespectful to Captain Glenn.

Fans will probably never know for sure if Billy on Below Deck Sailing Yacht brought drugs onto Parsifal III- just because Captain Glenn Shephard didn’t find drugs doesn’t mean they weren’t there at some point.

The finale and drug search will certainly be a topic at the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. Perhaps fans will get more insight after the cast shares their side of the story.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion will air on Monday, June 1 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Patricia Brod
Patricia Brod
2 years ago

Are Jen and Chef still dating??