Big Brother’s Sarah Beth Steagall is upset that some fans thought she faked her voice during BB23

Sarah Beth On BB23
BB23 cast member Sarah Beth Steagall was very memorable. Pic credit: CBS

Sarah Beth Steagall was a part of the Big Brother 23 cast that played the game during the Summer 2021 season.

Recognized by many Big Brother fans for her unique voice and quirky attitude in the house, Sarah Beth ended up finishing in ninth place on the season.

As a member of the BB23 jury, Sarah Beth voted for Xavier Prather to win the show on finale night.

During the season, a high number of Big Brother fans questioned whether or not the voice that Sarah Beth was using in the house was her real one.

Now, after receiving numerous inquiries about her voice, Sarah Beth is setting the record straight.

Sarah Beth Steagall addressed Big Brother fans about her voice

“Since I’m still getting DMs about this tired topic: I had seen women w/ higher pitched, feminine voices go on Big Brother and get ridiculed for it by the fans. Because it’s ‘annoying’ or ‘they’re def faking it!!’ Etc. So why would I have faked a similar voice? (I didn’t!)” Sarah Beth wrote in a Twitter post.

She later responded to her own tweet and wrote, “I knew beforehand that my voice alone would make some people dislike me- I’ve dealt with that my whole life. If I could easily change it to a lower pitch, I def would have done that! I promise you no one is going on the show in this day and age and faking a high voice lol.”

But she wasn’t done there, either, as Sarah Beth posted a third tweet that reads, “(But some of y’all really wanna believe it’s all an ‘act’ … I think maybe y’all just hate seeing highly feminine people succeed but … ).”

Sarah Beth Tweetz
Sarah Beth had some words for her social media followers and Big Brother fans. Pic credit: @sb_eep/Twitter

Big Brother fans show their support for Sarah Beth

A lot of Big Brother fans and social media followers for Sarah Beth saw her notes and left her messages of support. Some of them are shared below.

“We love you and all your amazingness SB, they’re angry that you are unproblematic, so dont worry about what they say,” wrote one follower.

SB BB Support
Sarah Beth received a kind note from a follower. Pic credit: @B00mYourB4ng/Twitter

“Don’t let these people get to you, SBS. I swear some ‘fans’ get off on harassing past players. Know that the vast of us love you and your voice was never an issue. Stay strong girl and best of luck with your future endeavors,” wrote another supportive follower of Sarah Beth Steagall.

SB BB Fan 2
Another supportive Sarah Beth fan stopped by. Pic credit: @briansmithcal/Twitter

“Never change your voice it literally fits the way you look. And If it makes u feel while everyone was hating on your voice Xavier said your voice was sexy on the live feeds lol I forgot who he said this to tho,” wrote yet another supportive fan of Sarah Beth Steagall.

SB Twitter Stan
A Big Brother stan stopped by to speak to Sarah Beth. Pic credit: @AnalyseStan/Twitter

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